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at least i was feeling better thanks to namjoon. at times like this, i was really grateful that he was by my side. sad to say, my parents never even stayed to wait for me to wake up according to namjoon. he was the only one who stayed through the whole night.

even my parents don't care so much about me, when namjoon, who was just a mere stranger to me till recently, cared much more about me than them.


"two laps, let's go!" namjoon cheered as he jogged on the spot, waiting for me to be in my position. i nodded my head with determination, and started jogging first. namjoon jogged beside me, with the same pace as me. i knew that he could jog faster, but he wanted to jog slower to match with my speed.

suprisingly, i wasn't really tired after jogging for a minute. probably it was because i was totally full of determination right now, and i fully recovered from my loss of blood.

the cold air slapped my face gently as i continued to jog at a slow and relaxing state. soon we passed by the playground, where most of my memories when i was younger held.

as i expected, i was gasping for air now as i stopped on my tracks and took deep breaths. namjoon stopped beside me too, but he wasn't panting, his breathing was still as normal.

"that was great," namjoon breathed out as i caught my breath. i lifted a thumbs up and he chuckled.

"if you maintain this type of performance every day, you should be able to slim down quite fast." namjoon commented. a spark of hope lit inside me. from the day i have been wanting to slim down till now, i've never felt so hopeful before. it seemed like i was finally able to see the sparkle of light inside the dark tunnel. i was finally walking out of the dark tunnel.


"you have to eat vegetables too." namjoon said as he scooped up a spoonful of broccoli and placed it on my plate. i stared at the broccoli in disgust as i strained my neck away from the vegetable. namjoon sighed loudly.

"eat the vegetable like you're eating meat. pretend that the broccoli is a meat and enjoy it,"

no matter how hard i tried to imagine the broccoli as a piece of meat, i just can't. how can you even imagine a green piece of vegetable to be a piece of meat? it's just impossible.

"remember your goal, jae hee." namjoon's voice rang in my ears. i looked at the piece of broccoli, comtempting whether i should eat it or not.

"namjoon, i–" my speech was cut off when something was being pushed inside my mouth. with instinct, i bite the thing which turned out to be the piece of broccoli. namjoon then removed his fork from my mouth and looked at me with satisfaction as i slowly chewed the piece of vegetable, savouring the taste of it.

i was surprised that the taste turned out better than i thought. shameful to say, but this was the first time i ever tasted vegetables and to be honest, i would consider that it was just a ranking below meats. of course, meats were still the superior.

"see? it tastes nice, doesn't it?" namjoon questioned. i bobbed my head excitedly. a smile formed on namjoon's lips, his dimples poking his cheeks. i like how deep his dimples were, it just looked really nice on him.

"okay, you have to drink plain water from now onwards. i'm restricting you from coke and other fizzy drinks," he said strictly. the thought of giving up the drinks that gave me life was crazy. but for the sake of becoming more pretty, i knew i had to sacrifice some things.

i took a sip of the plain water and gulped in refreshingly. "that's right," namjoon whispered.

he then poured his cup of water into mine.


happy chinese new year to all my chinese fams! i hope ya'll get lots of hong bao hehe and enjoy your new year!!

happy holidays to the non-chinese hoho, i hope ya'll will enjoy your holiday too ♡

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