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namjoon stayed overnight in my house. my parents didn't even care about me anymore, they didn't bother coming into my room to check about my well-being.

at least, namjoon was by my side.

i turned towards him who was still sleeping soundly, his hands draping around my waist and his legs were over my waist. i felt warm being hugged by him, and it was honestly the best feeling ever.

i examined his handsome features as i traced my fingers along his face. his skin was really smooth that my hand easily could slide down from it.

i was pretty distracted by looking at his face that i didn't even realised he had woke up.

he let out a deep chuckle and hugged me even more tighter, "good morning, my sunflower."

i ruffled his hair as i replied back, "good morning, sunshine."

his expression suddenly turned curious. "why sunshine?"

i laughed a little, "if i'm your sunflower, you're my sunshine, isn't it? i receive sunlight from you and in return i bloom beautifully for you to admire. and that's why we need each other."


"stay safe, okay? always be hydrated and call me if you ever need me here. i'll fly here like the speed of a thunderbolt," namjoon exaggerated as i chuckled and opened the window for him.

"seriously, you better be alive when you jump down there! be careful, don't get distracted." i looked at namjoon who was about to climb out of the window.

"i'm always distracted by you." he said. i laughed at his attempt of trying to be smooth but it still gets me.

i shooed him away but then he ran back to me.

"what–" i was interrupted as he gave me a soft kiss on the forehead. he connected our foreheads together and whispered, "i love you."

he then dashed off and climbed the tree. i watched as he successfully climbed down without being hurt. he waved at me and did a heart with his arms as i grinned back at him.

i was still stunned by the confession that he made just now. i froze on the spot as his voice echoed repeatedly in my mind.

i love you.


i brought the bowl of cereal into my room and sat on my bed as i switched on my television and watched the korean drama that was flashing on the screen.

halfway through eating the cereal, i felt a sharp pain in my stomach and it was the same feeling as yesterday. i hastily placed the bowl of cereal on the night stand as i tried to rush to the bathroom.

all of a sudden, i felt my legs turning into jelly and i instantly collapsed onto the ground. i felt my whole body was in pain and i couldn't move anymore. i couldn't breathe, and my vision was clouding.

i tried my best to fish my phone out of my pocket and i successfully did, enduring the pain. i quickly unlocked my phone and went to the phone icon and pressed namjoon's contact.

i put my phone on speaker as i felt the sharp pain kicking in again. i groaned painfully as i clutched my wasit area.

"jae hee?"

using my last breath, i tried my very best to voice out.


after that, everything went black.


be prepared for the last chapter (:

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