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"jae hee-ah, where are you going?" soo kyung questioned as she saw me scrambling. i turned to her nervously, "u-uh, i'm just going to the toilet."

i quickly made my way into the toilet as i locked myself inside a cubicle, and sat on the toilet bowl. i heard a creak and i felt myself sitting lower.

i gasped in horror as i stood up, covering my mouth as i stared at the broken toilet seat in front of me.

with my fats, i destroy things too. even simply a toilet seat and i just destroyed it.

i leaned against the wall as i slowly slide down. why am i so fat? i really want to be slim, i really want to.

my right hand made its way to my pocket, and i grabbed out a bottle.

a bottle of pills.

apparently, these pills could slim me down, so i didn't hesitate to buy it. but there's an aftereffect, i would puke out whatever i ate earlier which empties my stomach.

opening the bottle gently, my fat fingers grabbed five pills and i popped it into my mouth, swallowing it quickly to get rid of the bitterness that was mixed with my saliva.

it felt really good, knowing that these pills could slim me down and i could look good in front of everyone, especially him.

every day after lunch, i would always go to the toilet and secretly eat these pills without soo kyung knowing. she would just assume that i'm going to the toilet to do my business.

i really hope she won't find out what i'm doing, if not she will snatch away the bottle of pills while scolding me. i don't really wish to hear any nagging from her.

i placed the bottle back inside my pocket as i unlocked the cubicle door and went to wash my hands.

closing the water tap, i looked at myself in the mirror.

so damn fat.

my cheeks are bloated like there's a lot of air, and it literally squished my eyes. i looked eyeless. my nose is as flat as the ground and my lips are way too big. my neck looks like a pile of fats.

everything about me is fat.

i sighed as i walked out of the bathroom. my stomach churned a little and i felt uneasy. before i knew it, i stumbled backwards and the next thing i saw was darkness.


i slowly opened my eyes and i was greeted by square tiles. realisation dawned me that it was the ceiling. i furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, why am i facing the ceiling?

"you're awake." a deep voice echoed. this voice couldn't be soo kyung's. it was definitely a male's voice. i turned around and almost jolted up when i saw a face, inches close to me.

"w-who are y-you?" i stuttered. his face was way too close to mine. i was literally holding my breath right now.

"i saved you when you fell." he said, and finally leaned backwards, giving some cold air to hit my face. i immediately sat up.

and, of course, it wasn't a good idea to sit up.

the leg that was supporting the bed broke, and the whole bed collapsed along with me.

"ow," i groaned in grogginess.

"hey, are you alright?"

oh crap. i literally forgot that he was here. and i broke the bed in front of him! a guy! it couldn't be more embarrassing.

"y-yeah." i said. he chuckled. yeah, he probably finds this amusing. i mean, who doesn't? a fat girl breaking a bed. totally amusing.

"don't get me wrong. i'm chuckling because you look cute, not because of you falling." he said. woah, it's like he could totally read my mind.

a slight blush appeared on my face. this was the first time someone ever called me cute, and i was not sure how to respond to it. i couldn't seem to croak out any words at all.

his expression suddenly turned into a serious one. his lips were pressed in a thin line and his eyes were penetrating into mine. i wonder what was... wrong.

"you have been taking pills all this time, am i right?"

i froze. my throat was dry, and i couldn't seem to tear off my gaze from him. i was too guilty to look away from him.

"h-how do y-you know?" i managed to choked out.

"i know you've been doing that since day one."


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