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hoseok was ready to raise his fist at namjoon. my heart was bursting out of my ribcage right now as i watched the two of them. this was the second time, and i definitely do not want history to repeat itself.

instinctively, i grabbed namjoon's arms to hold him back. he stumbled a bit but his expression was appalled, as if something was surprising. his eyes slowly travelled towards my hands which were grabbing his arms.

my eyes widened as i realised what i was doing and drew back my hand, but another palm covered mine and soon my hand was filled with warmth.

i looked down, and saw that namjoon and my hands were intertwined together. in normal situations, the guy's hand would be bigger than the girl's, but mine was vice versa.

when i looked up, namjoon shot me a sweet smile that melted my heart; and it instantly made me forgot about hoseok's insults at us.

"ew," hoseok scrunched up his face in disgust. he flickered his eyes to and forth from namjoon and i's intertwined hands and to us.

"are you two dating? that's so disgusting! why would you even date a girl who is a bigger size than you?" hoseok snorted. i don't understand why hoseok's insults always gets to me. i hated how his insults affect me a lot and it made me do things that i didn't expect i would do.

it seemed that namjoon knew my emotions well right at that moment, because he gave me a light squeeze on my palm which provided me a sense of security.

"we are not dating. and, why would you date girls who only want your dick? you're just a man slut who wants girls to throw themselves at you. you just wanted them to give you a blowjob which will provide you pleasure. because your can't keep your dick in your pants. oh wait, if your dick has been out of pants at least once, why didn't i see it? well, because it's so fucking small that even when i squeeze my eyes i can only see a tiny dot." namjoon fired back. the whole class was gasping at his comeback – even me. i had never expect that namjoon could fire back such a gold response. honestly, new sides of him still astonished me.

hoseok seemed lost for words as he repeatedly opened his mouth and closed it again but nothing came out of his mouth.

with our hands still intertwining together, namjoon led me out of the classroom.


"i'm– oh god, i actually feel so sorry for that bastard right now." namjoon sighed as he sat on the benches. i stared at the bench as i was hesitant to sit, afraid that i might break it.

namjoon shook his head and patted the seat beside him. i looked at him, and he gave me an assuring smile. i trusted that smile a lot and i ended up sitting beside him. i kept on fidgeting with my fingers and namjoon ended up sliding his fingers into mine, holding my hand once again.

"this bench won't break, jae hee." namjoon said as he stared at our intertwined hands. today, he has been holding my hand a lot. i didn't know why but a surge of electric flowed through my body.

"now i'm feeling sorry for jung hoseok. like, i feel that i'm really mean and my emotions caused me to say those kind of things–" namjoon continue to babble until i lightly squeezed his hand. i myself was shocked that i actually had the guts to do that, so i was pretty embarrassed and looked away from him.

"don't feel like this, namjoon. it's not your fault, you're just trying to defend me." i stutterd out as i could feel my face getting hotter and hotter.

i heard a deep chuckle from namjoon and i felt my face being turned to face him. the next thing i know, he brought our foreheads together, our skin rubbing against each other, and a small smile formed on his lips.

"thank you. i'm definitely feeling better right now."


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