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his fist was clenched, and a vein throbbed his neck, his eyes burned with fires of fury, his face a grotesque mask of rage and pain.

"what did you say?" hoseok asked, as he stood up in a mighty manner, stepping forward to that guy.

speaking of that guy, i still don't know his name.

"apologise to jae hee." he emphasised on each syllabus as those words bounced off his lips. hoseok gritted his teeth, as he stepped dangerously closed towards that guy.

"apologise to that fatty? hell no." he spatted out. that guy's chest was rising up and down, and i could see that he was suppressing his anger.

i could feel my hand getting sweaty and my legs were sticking onto the ground. i can't seem to move – i wanted to stop this but i couldn't.

"you motherfucker!" that guy's fist connected with hoseok's cheek and everyone in the classroom gasped, including me. hoseok almost flew off with the impact of that guy's fist.

hoseok's eyes were burning with rage now. when he composed himself again, i could see a purple bruise on his right cheek. shit, why did that guy punched him so hard?!

"stop," i said, but it barely came out as a whisper. of course none of them heard me. they were too engrossed and i couldn't do anything here. i was so useless. i couldn't even stop a fight.

"you are the motherfucker!" hoseok shouted as he punched that guy's left eye. my hands flew towards my mouth. hoseok's comeback was even more worse. way worse than that guy's.

that guy stumbled backwards as he held his left eye, whimpering in pain. i badly wanted to rush to help him now but my feet was glued onto the ground.

"stop this right now!" another voice demanded. i turned my head towards the source of the voice and found our math teacher, ms jung, standing near the classroom door.

she trudged her way towards hoseok and that guy. "what do you think the two of you are doing?" she deadpanned, as she eyed the two of them.

the whole class was in silent as if they were watching an intense and climax k-drama.

"you'll be called into the principal's office later. for now, please go to the clinic." she dismissed them but hoseok stayed stone on his spot. that guy, on the other hand, quickly rushed out of the classroom. for some reason, my feet was unattached from the ground once again. i stood up and went to follow him. i ran to him and grabbed his arm to stop him from walking.

he turned around, and his gaze softened when he saw that it was me. "are you alright?" he questioned with a smile. he was closing his left eye right now.

"i'm supposed to be the one who is asking you that." i replied back while i literally yank his face towards me and examined his eye. oh god, it was really really bad.

"ahh!" he winced, and i immediately let go off his head as i panicked. did i hurt him? did i used too much force?

he chuckled, his deep dimples forming on each sides of his cheek. "your breath is tickling my cheek."

my face went red as i realised that just now i was too close to him. "w-whatever, let's go to the clinic now."


"shit! it hurts a lot," that guy groaned as i dabbed a cotton wool on his left eye. the nurse said that she has an emergency so she went away, thus leaving me and him in the clinic. luckily i had quite a pretty good knowledge of medical stuffs.

i mumbled a soft apology as i removed the cotton wool. i stood up, and went over to the other side of the clinic room to take the bandage. walking back, i saw that that guy was using his hand to cover his left eye.

"this is gonna hurt a lot, so you can like grab my shirt and squeeze it or something." i warned him, as i slowly wrapped the bandage around his left eye. and sure enough, his hands searched for the hem of my shirt and he grabbed it tightly like his life was depended on it.

"aah- oh shit!"

finally i was done wrapping and i heaved a relieved sigh. i'm glad that i didn't somehow managed to damage his eye.

"thanks," that guy said. i smiled back in response.

"you should smile more, you look more pretty when you do that."

he should probably stop washing my brain with compliments, it's gonna hurt me in the end.

but i really appreciated his kindness. for standing up for me, and complimenting me.

"if you're wondering," he started as his gaze focused on mine.

"my name's kim namjoon." he ended off with a smile.


yAY i'm going to ride bicycle now hUEHUEHUE but i updated first :'))))

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