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kim namjoon... that's a really beautiful and unique name. it really fits him a lot. but my name don't fit me. jae hee. it sounds like it belongs to someone who is pretty, slim, and kind. but instead, it belongs to me – a freaking ugly and fat human version penguin. where's the lie?

i pursed my lips. "how do you know my name?"

"oh, i heard your friend calling your name every time in the cafeteria. she's really loud," he answered. i nodded my head. i made a mental note to myself to tell soo kyung not to shout out my name so loud next time. i don't want everyone in this school to know my name.

"so... i've been thinking and i'm deciding to accept your offer." i said, as my gaze flickered to the ground. somehow, i felt a little embarassed to face him.

"really? that's great!" namjoon's cheery voice echoed. i decided to look at him, and saw that he was grinning like a cheshire cat. his deep dimples really suit him a lot.

"let's start the workout tomorrow, shall we?"

"huh, tomorrow?" i answered. realiz
sation dawned me that tomorrow was saturday. i then bobbed my head lightly. namjoon's face light up again.

this time, i actually smiled. a sincere smile.


i groaned groggily as i was greeted by the brightness of my window. sigh, yet another morning. time really flies pass really fast like a blink of an eye.

i looked at my alarm clock, and it read 9:00am. hmm great, namjoon agreed to meet up at the mini mart near my house at 9:30am. well, apparently, he lives in the street that i am living in too.

i got off my bed, well, more like jump off my bed – i'm surprised i could still jump despite my weight. and of course, i instantly regretted jumping because i could hear a really loud 'thud'. i hope i won't break the floor this time.

it didn't take me really long to prepare, unlike other girls. i have no one to impress so i was just dressing casually. plus, who dresses nicely when you are going to workout?

"fatty jae!" my father's voice greeted me as i walked down the stairs. i just nodded at him, showing him that i acknowledged him.

it's really normal. all my family members call me names, i was already used to it. i don't hate them for calling me, they're still my family after all. families do joke around with each other.

"erm mom, dad, i'm going outside to workout," i started as i walked towards the door. mom and dad bobbed their head and i waved at them before opening the door, and stepping outside of my house.

the sun shone brightly on my face as i tried to focus my vision on the sky. fluffy white clouds floated around the sky and it was beautiful. even nature is beautiful, why am i not? everything around me is just beautiful, but i seemed like a piece of trash compared to them.

the mini mart was not really far, it was just a five minutes walk. as soon as i reached there, namjoon was already leaning against the wall as he stared at the ground which seems amusing and interesting to him.

he lifted up his head, "oh jae hee-ah, you're here." he said as he smiled warmly at me. i received that warmth gladly as i smiled back at him.


it turned out that the gym that i always go to every weekends was owned by namjoon. it was really a surprise to me, since i didn't see him around the gym.

"it's free, you don't need to pay any fee," namjoon reassured me as i panicked about forgetting to bring my wallet.

i tried to protest. "b-but-"

"no buts, jae hee-ah. if you want to repay me, then listen to me." he said in a soothing tone which made me sighed in defeat. he's a really nice person.

we walked towards the stretching area and i furrowed my eyebrows. i didn't know that it existed until he told me.

"before you do any workout, you need start off by stretching first, so that you can prevent any injuries or muscle cramp during the workout. you should stretch for approximately five minutes." namjoon explained like a professional trainer. i bobbed my head as i tried to absorb the information into my mind.

he bent down and his fingers touched his toes effortlessly. wow, he's really as flexible as a rubber.

i followed what he did but failed miserably. my fingers stopped midway and it was struggling to reach my toes.

"slowly, and slowly bend down." i heard namjoon's voice behind me. i followed his instructions and i tried bending down but my leg muscles was already in too much pain.

unable to stand the pain, i lifted my head up and beads of sweat already formed on my forehead. just a simple stretching and i was already perspiring.

"hyung! what are you doing here?" a familiar voice shouted. that voice was way too familiar. way too familiar that i could recognized who's voice it was.

it was park jimin's voice.


i was gonna update this earlier but kbs gayo daechukjae started and i ended up watching xD

bangtan's so hawt and i just omfg i can't AJSKSKDKDKJD but where's rapmon tho :o


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