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i felt my stomach twisting and churning. it didn't feel certainly good, as i could feel myself getting dizzy too. i quickly ran to the bathroom and i found myself puking out the contents i ate earlier.

"jae hee!" i heard namjoon exclaiming as he patted my back repeatedly. i coughed several times as the feeling was finally gone. namjoon helped me to stand up as we went back to my bed, and he laid me down gently on the bed.

earlier, namjoon climbed up the tree that was nearest to my room and he made it to my room without any scratch. i insisted him to enter from my house door, but he said that he didn't want to trouble me to go out of my room.

"are you okay now?" namjoon asked me softly. i bobbed my head as i sat up on my bed. i patted the space next to me, indicating for him to sit. he gladly climbed in and covered the both of us with my blanket. he then lifted my head up and placed it on his chest as he snuggled closer to me. i wrapped my arms around him tightly as i buried my face into his chest, while his chin was on top of my head.

the feeling was absolutely good. i couldn't ask for me, i was satisfied with this already.

"i'm so worried about you," he whispered as his fingers found mine, intertwining it together. as i looked at our hands again, compared to last time, this time my hands were much more smaller than his.

"don't be." i replied back as i played with his fingers. he let out a sigh.

"how can i not be? i know you're still not okay about both soo kyung and jimin's incident. but i'm here. remember that i'm always here, jae hee. i'll always be your listening ear if you need me to." namjoon lips broke out into a smile, his dimples poking deeply into his cheek which was a trait that i like about him. automatically, i smiled back at him.

i didn't know where i got the courage from, but i planted a peck on namjoon's lips. a blush appeared on my face as i tried to hide my face but he grabbed my chin gently and leaned in towards me, his lips hovering mine as we kissed each other softly, sweetly and lightly.

it was a kiss that was filled with tenderness.

soon, we pulled away from each other as we catch our breaths. as we stared at each other again, both of us grinned like a cheshire cat at the exact timing.

"do you bite on straws oftenly?" namjoon suddenly questioned. i was wondering why he had just asked a random question that was probably irrelevant to whatever we were doing right now. but again, a couple should have anything to talk about.

"yes," i let out a chuckle, "why?"

"they say that people who bite on straws oftenly are a good kisser. well i do believe in that right now because goddamn it,"

"you are a really good kisser." he breathed out. i could feel my face getting hotter and hotter at this moment as i slapped his chest jokingly.


i had never felt so happy in my entire life.

namjoon brought happiness to me unexpectedly. now that i look back, i badly want to slap myself for being obsessed with jimin. it wasn't worth it at all, he was just another jerk.

"you know, i'm really really happy right now. i hadn't expected us to be a couple – do you know that i've actually been crushing on you ever since the day i started talking to you?" namjoon blabbered out.

"what?" my eyes widened as i could not believe the fact that he just told me.

"yeah. i liked you even before you slimed down. i found your personality outgoing. i find myself attracted to you unknowningly but at that time, you still had a crush on jimin and i knew i was hopeless. i knew i didn't stand a chance."

"i tried tiring myself out, i tried very hard to forget. i drank and did everything i could, but i still missed you. in the end, every second i would find myself constantly thinking about you and no matter what i do, i can't seem to forget you." namjoon confessed. my lips parted at his confession as i buried my head into his chest once again.

"thank you for not giving up on me, namjoon." i muffled into his chest. he patted my head in return.

"no, thank you for existing, jae hee. i swear to the world that i thank your existence because if you weren't here, i definitely wouldn't be here right now."

for the first time ever, i felt myself being loved endearingly. it was a feeling that i had never experienced it before, and i was so glad that namjoon made me felt that.


if i do daily updates, this story will end on this sunday :^) i might be doing daily updates!!

if i do daily updates, this story will end on this sunday :^) i might be doing daily updates!!

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