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the most painful thing on monday is that, i have to see park jimin and i would be dwelling at my conscious again. i hated how i have a crush on him, but at the same time i like it. one of the reasons is that he motivated me to lose more weight.

again, he was near the lockers there, laughing with his best friends – taehyung and jungkook. whenever he smile, his eyes would turn into the shape of a crescent moon and i swear, it was the most beautiful thing i ever saw in my life.

unexpectedly, i saw his head snapped towards mine and a smile form on his lips. i frantically looked at my surroundings to see if anyone was near me but no, i was the only one. i swear that his eyes made contact with mine and he actually smiled at me.

my heart fluttered at the simple and beautiful smile of his. to be honest, i would never get tired of looking at his smile. i would want to take a picture of it and stare at it every night, smiling myself to sleep.

i lowered my head, smiling to myself as i could feel myself blushing. soo kyung told me on the phone that she won't be here today, so i would be all alone.

just then, an arm was slung around my shoulder and i almost jumped at the sudden contact of another human body.

"hey girl," namjoon greeted while smiling at me. i was still absolutely shocked that he actually was standing right beside me in the school.

"soo kyung didn't come today, right?" he questioned as we continued to walk. of course, we received stares from everyone. but i didn't know why, i actually didn't bother to care about the attention for the first time ever.

"how did you know?" i asked back. a smile formed on his lips as he shook his head and replied, "i have my ways."

and soon, we reached our classroom. realisation dawned me that namjoon and i were actually in the same class for almost every classes except for geography, which i have it with soo kyung.

when i'm about to enter the classroom door, namjoon coincidentally entered too so we both end up knocking into each other. regaining our posture, we looked at each other and giggled. he stood by the side of the door and let me in first which i gladly went in. afterwards, he followed me in.

"wow, i didn't know that a guy like kim namjoon would hang out with a fatty like her." a voice came out of nowhere, and i squeezed my eyes shut for another insult from none other than jung hoseok again. just when i thought he had actually reflected on what he did, he proved me wrong. he was actually still a jerk after all.

without any hesitation, i walked out of the classroom but a hand clasped on my wrist.

"jae hee, stay here." namjoon's voice rang in my ears. i didn't know why but i stood right in the spot and actually listened to him.

"listen here, jung hoseok." namjoon took a deep breath, and i could see him trying to control himself from bursting out.

"you know what?" he asked, and smiled cheekily at him. hoseok raised his eyebrows at him.

"she can lose weight, but you can't lose your ugly."



thank you for reading this and i hope you will have a great day ahead of you, you totally deserve it! always stay hydrated and healthy ✨

ily, do remember that hehe!!

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