XXIII- "I Don't Like Killing."

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For a week Indianna had been on bed rest. For a week Indianna had been trying to distract her thoughts from Rogue. For a week she had been succeeding.

"Go away, Greyson," Indianna groaned, bending over the toilet. "I don't want you seeing me puke."

"It's not the first time, sugar," Greyson said, holding Indianna's hair back. "It most probably won't be the last."

Indianna retched and threw up in the toilet for the second time that morning. It was an improvement from earlier in the week; she would have been sick triple the amount she had been already a few days ago.

Once she had finished puking and after washing her mouth out, she stumbled back into her room and collapsed on her bed. She wiped her sweaty forehead with the back of her hand and closed her eyes. "When is this going to end?" She asked quietly.

"Soon. Hopefully," Greyson said and Indianna scoffed.


"Well, if you would let Doc examine you properly we might be able to find out-"

"No," Indianna said. "Not happening."

"It could help."

"I said no, Greyson," Indianna said tiredly and he sighed. "Please don't ask me again."


"Oh my God," Indianna said quietly.


"You just listened and did what I said," she said, attempting to fake shock in her tired state. "That never happens."

"Shut up, sugar," Greyson said, but the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. "I do do as you say. Sometimes."


"I do."


"Be quiet."

"See, I'm right."

"You know, I wasn't aware that being annoying was part of the process."


Greyson smirked.

Indianna closed her eyes and attempted to sleep, but the silence was interrupted by Greyson's loud and annoying ringtone. He sighed and held his phone to his ear. "What?" He paused for a moment, his expression darkening slightly, before ending the call and put his phone back in his pocket.

"Who was that?"

"No one," he shrugged. "It was just pack business."

"What's wrong?" Indianna wondered. "And for once in your life please don't lie to me."

Greyson rolled his eyes. "It's nothing serious. There was rogues on the border, Ace and Kal took care of them."

"Took care?"

"Killed." Indianna paled and Greyson shrugged his shoulders. "It's how life works, sugar. Kill or be killed."

"I don't like killing."

"That doesn't surprise me," he muttered.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You're shy, cute and innocent. Killing doesn't exactly fit it with with your personality."

"I am not shy."

"Around me," Greyson smirked. "Although I have to admit, you're warming up to Brooklyn."

"I'm not innocent either."

"Yes, you are," Greyson laughed. "It's not a bad thing, sugar. I like that you're innocent and cute."

"I hate being called cute."

Greyson smirked. "Great."


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