9) 19 Weeks Pregnant, It's a...

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9) 19 Weeks Pregnant, It’s a...

I woke up with a groan before falling straight out of my bed and onto the floor. I stared at the ceiling not even feeling bothered to move. My ringtone of Heart Attack by Demi Lavoto started to play. I put my hand up trying to feel for my phone on the desk. Once I found it I didn’t even check the ID I just placed it to my ear. ‘Hello?’ I said questioning in a sleepy voice.

‘Are you ready? I’m coming to pick you up,’ Jackson called cheerfully down the phone. Crap, todays the baby scan.

‘Yeah, I’m almost ready,’ I lied as I jumped from the floor suddenly feeling more alive. ‘I’ll see you in a bit,’ I muttered before hanging up then throwing my phone onto the mound of covers on my bed. As soon as I’d released my phone I began running around my room looking for something to wear. ‘Mum!’ I shouted as I picked up a white vest top and threw it to my bed.

‘What?!’ my mum shouted back from wherever in the house she was.

‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’ I shouted back.

‘Because I forgot, now hurry up and get ready because Jackson will be waiting,’ my mother finished, I then heard the bath start running so she was obviously in the bathroom. I groaned again as I ran over to the wardrobe and snatched a coral coloured flowey skirt and threw that to the bed before changing my underwear. I pulled the top on over my messy hair and put the skirt over it, my bump wasn’t as obvious with the skirt over it.

            Once I was fully dressed and my hair was done, I ran down the stairs to get some breakfast. I ended up just grabbing a cereal bar and an apple, and then there was a honk of a horn outside. ‘Bella you best call me as soon as you find the gender, grandma needs to know first!’ my mum shouted after me.

‘Sure,’ I called back a little quieter. ‘Bye,’ I finished as I rushed out the house, slamming the door shut then locking it with my set of keys. Jackson was looking in my direction with a smile on his face. I gave him a little wave as I took a bite of the red apple I was holding. I walked speedily to the side of the car I had to get in.

‘How are you feeling?’ Jackson asked soothingly as I sat down beside him allowing my bag to drop to the floor.

‘Good, a little nervous but extremely excited!’ I beamed as I took another bite of the apple. ‘Have you got any water? I’ve been told to go to the scan with a full bladder and I totally forgot,’ I explained politely. Jackson smirked at me before reaching for his sports bag which was in the back seat. He handed me a full bottle of water. ‘Thank you,’ I chirped as I unscrewed the lid before drinking part of the bottle.

‘Did you get up late by any chance?’ I nodded awkwardly as I continued to drink the bottle of water whilst chewing a piece of apple. ‘If you eat any quicker you’ll choke,’ Jackson warned me, I shrugged him off as I continued to speed eat.

‘Why didn’t you phone me earlier?’ I asked as the car finally began to move.

‘Because I didn’t know I was supposed,’ Jackson responded, he eyed the two litre bottle which already had a quarter of water missing from it.

‘Well you were,’ I spat as I fastened the lid of the water before continuing to eat my apple.

‘Isabella Jenkins,’ the receptionist called, Jackson and I looked at one another before standing up. Jackson and I walked over to the receptionist before going to the room which our monographer was waiting outside of.

‘Nice to see you again, Isabella,’ Dr Loveoutt, greeted me. ‘And this is?’ she asked as she looked at Jackson with a smile.

‘Jackson Dean, doc. The baby’s father,’ Jackson responded with a smile.

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