2) Did You Put on, Wait?

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2) Did You Put on, Wait?

I paced down the school hall way to my third lesson, we had double period of Sociology. Yesterday I told Louisa I was pregnant, today’s another day. I’ll ignore Jackson again; keep secrets from my friends, my family. Louisa’s the only one who knows my secrets.

            ‘Teenage pregnancies!’ Ms Moore announced as I entered the class, I was a little late for no other reason than I was thinking. I saw Louisa gaze flick to me as I sat beside her. This lesson might be a little awkward; Louisa’s the only one who knows why.

‘Well this lesson is going to be fun,’ Louisa whispered as she handed me my book from the end of the table. Ms Moore sent us a death stare as she heard us speak. I quickly shut up then opened my book before jotting down the date.

‘What I want first is your opinions on teenage pregnancies. Could you please note them down in your book, I’ll pick some people out randomly after so you all need something written down,’ Ms Moore continued as she picked up a board pen and wrote down a Learning Objective.

‘What are you writing?’ Louisa questioned as she rested her head on my shoulder. She stared at my work whilst patting her pen against the desk.

‘I’ll put, I don’t agree with teenage pregnancies but sometimes things like that just happen,’ I muttered simply as I took my pen then wrote exactly what I just told Louisa, I also added a few more words just to make it sound a little smarter.

‘I might put that, just in my own words,’ Louisa grumbled as she took my book then looked at my writing before copying it into her own book. I felt a pen jab me in the shoulder so I whipped my head around, Louisa copied me. Luca was staring at us blinking his eyes.

‘What do I put?’ he asked as he chewed his pen. I shrugged as I turned back around. ‘You’re useless,’ Luca whined as he threw a chewed pen lid at me. I let out a little squeak of disgust before allowing the mangled plastic to drop to the floor.

‘Luca, Isabella; stop talking,’ Ms Moore snapped as she pointed a finger at us both. I sunk back into my chair as I allowed the pen lid to drop to the table before crossing my arms.

            ‘Okay, first I’d like Luca to read his work out,’ Ms Moore announced as she crossed her arms before stepping next to the board. ‘Pay back for speaking whilst you were supposed to be working. Stand up now,’ Ms instructed. I heard Luca grumbled as he stood up.

‘I don’t disagree with teenage pregnancies; I just think if my girlfriend was pregnant with my baby, I wouldn’t really care,’ Luca admitted simply before sitting back down. Robbie, who was sat beside Luca, let out a little laugh. Ms Moore frowned as she looked for her next victim.

‘Bethany,’ Ms called as she looked at the quiet girl from the back of the class. Bethany stood up obediently as she pushed her hair behind her ear.

‘I think that teenage pregnancy is acceptable if the teenager is in to position to look after a baby, if the teenager still acts like a child and isn’t mature enough for a child, a abortion would probably be the right choice for her. The pregnant teenager would have to make sure they are doing well in school and have a reasonable future ahead of them so they can provide for themselves and the baby without having to rely on their parents for everything,’ I thought about what Beth was reading. I’m mature enough for a baby, I’m not so sure about Jackson though. My grades are good enough I suppose; I’ve gotten into sixth form next year so I can study biology to become a midwife. Jackson is currently in an engineering course in sixth form. A piercing clap roared from Ms Moore.

‘Bethany that was a brilliant answer,’ she cheered as she clapped a few more times. ‘And to finish of the opinions, Janet please can you read yours?’ Janet rolled her eyes as she stood up.

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