14) 25 Weeks Pregnant, Let's Think of Names for Bean

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14) 25 Weeks Pregnant, Let’s Think of Names for Bean

Jackson and I made our way into the check up room. My usual midwife, Lynda, was sat on the chair in front of us. She’d just measured the size of my baby and checked how it was lying. ‘Now we’re going to have to test your amniotic fluid,’ Lynda spoke. I just nodded; I didn’t really understand what she was on about.

            ‘Okay, Isabella everything is fine with the baby,’ Lynda told Jackson and I as we stood patiently by our chairs.

‘So can we leave now?’ Jackson questioned. I elbowed his arm discreetly as I continued to look at the midwife.

‘Well,’ Lynda said with a polite laugh. ‘I was wondering if you maybe want a tour around the maternity ward, so you know your way around when you’re in here?’ Lynda asked as she stood up also. I nodded my head, a gentle smile on my face.

‘Jackson would you like to come or should I go alone?’ I questioned Jackson, formally, who was tapping his foot impatiently.

‘I want to come, I want to see where my son will be born,’ Jackson spluttered as he stopped tapping his foot then walked over to the door. ‘C’mon then,’ Jackson decided as he opened the door waiting for me and Lynda to leave.

            ‘This is the delivery ward, I don’t think we can go in there though,’ Lynda smiled softly. I could hear the chaos going on in the other room which made me flinch.

‘That’s going to happen to me,’ I mumbled as I heard the screams and cries. ‘How long has she been in there?’ I asked as I pointed to the door.

‘I’m not sure, a few hours maybe. Don’t worry though, it’s usual to take a while,’ Lynda admitted as she stood with her back towards the door. ‘But it’s worth it in the end, you’ll come in here waiting for something special, then you’ll leave with that something special,’ Lynda smiled. We stood in silence for a few minutes before I heard a cry, the piercing cry of a baby. ‘And there is that something special,’ Lynda beamed.

‘How many people will be allowed in there? You know, when I’m giving birth?’ I questioned hesitantly.

‘Well they’ll be the midwives and nurses, and then you’re allowed your birthing partner, your partner and your first in kin,’ Lynda explained.

‘Once he’s born, will he be taken away from me?’ I asked again nervously, I was genuinely curious to find all the little details about what was going to happen at the birth of Bean.

‘No, he’ll have to be bathed and it depends on how the birth goes,’ Lynda began to tell me. I saw Jackson stiffen.

‘I’ll stay with him, Bella,’ Jackson reassured me as he put his hand on my arm. I nodded and gave him a quick smile.

‘Now we’ll go to the actual maternity suite,’ Lynda announced as she began walking away from where we were still stood outside of the delivery ward.

            We’d finished the tour of the Maternity Suite. There were some good things in there and it was altogether quite a homely place. The furniture was all clean and didn’t look like prison objects like I’d imagined it. Also it was secure so I know I’ll be safe along with Bean. To get into the ward there was a buzzer you need to press and then wait for a nurse or midwife to let you in. There was a TV and internet thing which you need a card to use and a bunch of other object. All in all the place looked okay.

            Jackson had finally given up on waiting and gone to the car to wait for me. Lynda and I were speaking about me leaving school and when I will leave. ‘I want to stay at school for as long as possible because I don’t want to miss out on anything important,’ I discussed as I crossed my left leg over my right one.

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