1) 6 Weeks Pregnant, Telling the Best Friend

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1) 6 Weeks Pregnant, Telling the Best Friend

My alarm clock went off, seven already? I reached my arm out to hit my alarm but it wasn’t there. Reality struck me. I was lying at the bottom of my bed; a pregnancy test lay in the centre of the floor. I quickly tumbled from my bed and scurried for the test. Perhaps the whole pregnancy scare was just a dream; maybe I’m still just a normal teenage girl. I picked the pregnancy test and held my breath before turning it towards me. ‘Positive,’ I whispered again.

‘Bella are you going to turn that alarm off?’ I heard my mother shout from her room I think. The beeping came back and I rushed over to my alarm to stop it. I heard footsteps heading my way so I ran to my desk with the pregnancy test before stuffing it into my drawer. Just as I slammed the drawer shut my mother entered my bedroom. ‘Right babe, I have to get to work earlier today. I’ll be home by six,’ my mum told me as she kissed my cheek.

‘Can Louisa come round tonight?’ I questioned as I tangled my fingers together behind my back.

‘Sure she can, honey,’ my mother responded before she closed my bedroom door after exiting it. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I hadn’t been caught, yet.

            The front door slammed shut. ‘And the queen has arrived!’ my best friend, Louisa, yelled as she entered my kitchen with her arms high above her head. I smiled at her as she took a seat at the kitchen table.

‘Bacon?’ I questioned as I eyed the frying pan which had four pieces of bacon sizzling in it.

‘Obviously, do you know who I am?!’ Louisa exaggerated as she stood up again before standing by my side. ‘I am the queen and you must obey,’ Louisa smirked as she took a plate from the cupboard before taking two bread rolls from the bread bin.

‘I don’t want much butter,’ I notified Louisa as she took the spread from the fridge. Louisa nodded showing she had heard as she began to put the butter onto the bread. I turned the hob of as I tried to do some fancy flipping skill which just made the bacon sizzle a tiny bit louder.

‘If you drop it on the floor I’ll shoot you,’ Louisa jokingly threatened as she stepped away from the cupboard so I could put the bacon onto the two bread rolls. ‘So what movie are we watching tonight, I feel like we need something spooky,’ Louisa decided as she put the butter spread away before holding her bacon roll in her hands. She licked her lips before taking a large bite. I copied her.

‘You do realise that it’s Monday, will it be a good idea to watch spooky movies on a school night?’ I asked trying to sound mature.

‘We could ask some of the girls to come over, and then it won’t be as scary,’ Louisa offered.

‘No, mums going to be home early and she doesn’t want too many people round,’ I stammered quickly. To be honest that was all a lie, I just wanted Louisa to be alone so I could maybe break the news to her.

‘Okay then, what about Nanny McPhee?’ Louisa asked before taking another bite of bread. I nodded my head excitedly; Nanny McPhee is my all time favourite film.

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