8) 17 Weeks Pregnant, Did You Feel That?

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8) 17 Weeks Pregnant, Did You Feel That?

I stretched my arms as I woke up. I was about to get out of bed and start getting ready for school when I began to feel sick. Quickly, I covered my mouth with my hand as I bounded out of my room and to the bathroom at the end of the hall. My mum was in the bathroom neatening her hair into a bun as I pushed passed her then began violently vomiting into the toilet. Instantly my mother held my hair away from my face as she used her bobble to tie it up. ‘Honey, I’ll go get you some water,’ my mother offered as she rushed from the bathroom.

‘Thank you,’ I managed to half call before throwing up again. Stupid morning sickness. Once I felt stable enough to step away from the toilet without throwing up on the floor, I washed my face in the sink. ‘It’s only quarter-to-seven and I already feel like rubbish,’ I mumbled as I took my lilac toothbrush from the cabinet before squeezing some minty toothpaste onto the bristles.

‘Babe, here is your water,’ my mum told me as she placed it beside the sink. She then proceeded to close the toilet lid before flushing away the contents. ‘No school for you today, bab,’ mum sighed as she crossed her arms. She then took the second bobble from off her wrist and began re-tying her hair up.

‘But mum,’ I groaned as I spat the toothpaste into the sink then washed it down the drain.

‘What is it, Bella?’ my mother questioned as she smiled at her reflection, probably checking her teeth for any of her breakfast.

‘If I feel better, do you think I can go shopping for some new clothes?’ I asked politely as I wiped the white foam from around my mouth. ‘I mean, mine are starting to get a little tight and it’s really getting annoying when my belly shows under my shirts,’ I explained with a kind smile before getting back to brushing my teeth.

‘I would usually say no, but under the circumstances I suppose you can go. Do you need any money?’ my mother asked as she pulled her purse from her jacket pocket. I spat the toothpaste into the sink again.

‘Can I just borrow twenty pounds? I mean I have some money but just to be sure I have enough,’ I tempted cunningly. My mum raised her eyebrows as she pulled a twenty pound note from her purse then handed it me. ‘Thank you, mummy,’ I said sweetly.

‘Make sure you buy reasonable clothes,’ she warned with a pointed finger. I nodded obediently with a soft smile. ‘Anyway, I need to go now. I’ll be home by six so I want you home before then, do you understand?’ I nodded again as my mum kissed my cheek. ‘Bye, love you.’

‘Love you too,’ I chorused as she left the bathroom. After she’d left I began brushing my teeth again wanting to release myself from the foul taste of vomit.

            I waltzed around my bedroom in a turquoise towel as the music played softly of my iPod. ‘And I don’t want the world to see me,’ I sang along with Goo Goo Dollsas Iris played. ‘Cos’ I don’t think that they’ll understand,’ I continued as I twirled over to my drawers where I took my underwear from. I picked up my frilly pants and a matching bra before putting them on under the towel. After I let the towel fall to the ground gently. I began humming with the tune seen as I was concentrating on finding clothes. I picked up my black leggings and pulled them over my legs before trying to find a top. In the end I just went with a plain white vest top and an oversized, grey hoodie. On my feet I put my red converse and picked up my fabric backpack and then swung it onto my back. I looked at my hair which was in a messy bun on my head before shrugging and leaving my room.

The shopping centre was quite empty apart from a few old couples and some people walking around with young children. The first shop I headed to was New Look. I walked into the shop quickly and walked straight through my normal choice of clothing and to the maternity section. I could feel people’s eyes on me throughout the shop but I didn’t let it bother me. How do they know I’m not buying for my mum? I picked up a basket then walked quickly further into the shop. In my bag I had my card so I wasn’t really fussed about how much money I spent. First I picked up three vest tops, a navy blue one, a white one and a black and white stripped one. A shop assistant was pacing round the shop before she saw me. She gave me a quick smile before she began scurrying in my direction. ‘Are you having any trouble finding what you’re looking for?’ the woman questioned, she sounded like a robot the way she asked the question.

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