24) 38 Weeks Pregnant, What's Happening?

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24) 38 Weeks Pregnant, What’s Happening?

‘Isabella! We’re going bungee-jumping!’ Louisa screamed, she somehow managed to get to me and now we were at a bungee-jumping course.

‘Are pregnant people allowed to do this?’ I questioned as I looked around for someone, instead of seeing people I only saw vast land with a few random animals like giraffes and deer.

‘I’m sure Bean won’t mind too much, he gets to fly; what sort of little boy doesn’t want to do that?’ Louisa questioned stupidly.

‘He isn’t born yet,’ I answered to her as a strange guy walked up to us. I’d never seen him before but he walked up to us like he knew us.

‘Ethan!’ Louisa shouted as she fist pounded the guy, and then the guy began to make out with Louisa leaving me stood alone. As I watched in shock, still unsure of whom the guy actually was, something came and scooped me off the ground. The next thing I knew I was hovering above the ground, then my stomach clenched; something happened and water trickled down my leg. That was when I realised, my water just broke!

And then I woke up. I panted loudly, so thankful that all of this was a dream. I mean two days ago I was at Luca’s house just chilling out with our friends, why would I be labour now? I lay my hands on my bed only to be met with the feeling of water. What on Earth? I felt around a little more thinking maybe I’d spilt some water from somewhere. ‘M-mum!’ I called as I sat up in the bed of wet. That wasn’t just a dream.

            After a few minutes of calling for my mother she finally showed up in my room. ‘Take your time why don’t you?’ I said feeling a little angry as I stepped up from my bed.

‘Sorry hun but it’s not even three am, if you’re not in labour or dying I don’t even want a explanation to why you’re shouting me,’ my mother stated. I looked at her in awe.

‘My waters just broke!’ I spluttered as I threw my bed cover from my bed. I saw the panic appear in my mother’s eyes as she looked around my room searching for my phone.

‘Honey, take a bath. You should still have a while until your major contractions start. I’ll call Lynda and ask her what she wants to do,’ my mother decided, seeming a little calmer than before. I nodded as I walked from my room, a little waddle in my step as I made my way to the bathroom.

‘Can you bring me my phone once you’re done with it?’ I asked as I started the bath running quickly, I didn’t want to waste any time. Every so often I’d feel a little pain, a little like cramp but it only lasted a short while before leaving.

            Louisa has been notified that I was going into labour as I lay in the bath; she said she was making her way over but she’d have to walk because she doesn’t want to wake her parents. It felt nice, being in the bath. My mum said once I’d finished in the bath, because of my young age we’d have to go to the hospital shortly after. I was beginning to get wrinkly seen as I’d been in the bath for almost an hour so I finally decided to get out. My labour nightdress was resting on the toilet seat seen as my mum had bought it in for me. I also had my underwear beside it, even though I was in labour and I was supposed to be comfortable, for some reason I feel the need to wear a bra just for the fact I want to keep some of my self-respect. ‘Belle, are you okay?’ my mother asked through the crack in the door.

‘Yeah, I’m just drying off and getting ready. Is Lou here yet?’

‘She just arrived, she’s waiting downstairs for you,’ my mother responded. I nodded even though she couldn’t see me.

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