16)27 Weeks Pregnant, Are You Seeing Her Again...?

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16) 27 Weeks Pregnant, Are You Seeing Her Again...?

The first day back at school arrived; I was finally allowed to go to school without uniform! Thank God for sixth form. I slipped a white top over my freshly washed hair; I loved the top I was wearing. It had some navy blue writing on it which read “Baby on Board”. On my legs I just put some stretchy black skinny jeans which had an area that would go perfectly over Bean. On my feet I just slipped into some black pumps with silver gems on it.

            ‘Belle, do you want me to give you a lift to school?’ my mother questioned as she sipped her cup of coffee. She was sat opposite to me in her nurse outfit.

‘No it’s okay, I’m going to me Lou at the top of the street so we’ll walk together,’ I kindly rejected as I poured myself a bowl of cereal.

‘I like your top, very out there,’ my mother laughed as she ate some of her toast. I nodded.

‘I know, it’s amazing isn’t it. Louisa saw it when we were shopping,’ I explained as I plonked a spoon into my cereal before sitting down across from mum. I scoffed my cereal, not even caring that it hadn’t softened from the milk just yet.

Louisa and I entered the sixth form bit of school; I instantly noticed there were a lot of new students. Louisa and I exchanged glances and we slowly walked up the drive of school. It was like our first day of year seven all over again. This year there won’t be any Leah or Rosie, they’ve both left to join a proper college without us. ‘I think that’s Luca, right?’ Louisa asked as she pointed to an obvious Luca. He was stood by the door of sixth form with a boy, someone who I didn’t recognise. Louisa and I looked at each other before charging to Luca and pouncing onto him.

‘Bella, watch Bean. I don’t want him to be getting knocked around in there,’ Luca laughed as he hugged Lou and I. Once we stepped back Luca bent down to my belly and began speaking to it like a freak. ‘Hey there Bean, I should start calling you Coley right? Your mums a poop, love Uncle Luca,’ Luca smiled. I kept eying the guy next to Luca, not understanding why he was there.

‘Erm Luca...’ Louisa finally spoke. ‘Who’s this?’

‘Oh, this is Rhys, he’s from America. I told you he was staying with me,’ Luca spoke to us like we were stupid. ‘Rhys, meet Louisa and Isabella,’ Luca introduced us both. I gave Mr America a friendly wave but I noticed he was eying my belly.

‘Watch out, Bean is very self-conscious,’ I smiled as I put my hands over my stomach.

‘No, sorry. I didn’t mean to stare, but you’re pregnant?’

‘It looks like it,’ I laughed. Rhys laughed with me but he looked a bit worried, he’ll get use to it. ‘Anyway, Rhys I hope you enjoy England. You’ll have a blast with Luca looking out for you,’ I finished as I dragged Louisa away from Luca and Rhys. I looked back and Luca and Rhys, they both instantly began whispering to each other whilst glancing at Lou and I, they were probably speak about me being pregnant.

            I only take three lessons now, A-level maths, biology and sociology. I only have sociology with Louisa; she wants to do something to do with fashion once she’s finished with school and university. First lesson I have Maths. I stood outside of my classroom alone, there were some people I knew stood with me but I never spoke to them so I stood in the comfort of myself. A teacher walked over to us before unlocking the door and allowing the class to trail in behind her. I took a seat by the window two rows from the back. Everyone looked like they knew who they were going to sit with as the gossiped with their friends, and then there was me by myself. Even the new students had friends to sit with. I folded my arms on the table as I placed a pen on the table getting ready to work; I need to push myself this year seen as I’ll have a while off for maternity leave. ‘Excuse me,’ someone spoke as they came to my side, I turned from the front of the class to face the girl. She was quite small, and I think she was Chinese. ‘I was wonder if I could sit here?’ the girl asked, her voice was quiet and pretty adorable.

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