4) 10 Weeks Pregnant, That's My Baby?

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4) 10 Weeks Pregnant, That’s My Baby?

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. The first thing I did, after turning the alarm off, was check my phone. 1 New Message: Louisa

From: Louisa

Big moment today, I want pictures!

I smiled at the text; today’s the day of my very first baby scan. I probably should’ve gone earlier but the first few weeks were a struggle. ‘Bella, we have to be at the hospital by half eight so hurry up and get ready, I’ll be downstairs calling school,’ my mother told me as she peeked round my door.

‘Okay, I’ll be down in a second,’ I smiled. I picked up my phone and began to text Louisa back.

To: Louisa

I’ll be back at school for first break I think, meet me outside of the dinner hall and I’ll show you the scan photos of my little bean. I’m so tired though and I have a weird craving for Coco Pops. You don’t understand how excited I am!

I quickly sent the text before rushing to my desk to collect my school uniform before scurrying to the bathroom so I could shower and change.

            I placed my school tie down on the table before sitting down in front of the bowl which my mother had put cereal in for me. ‘How are you feeling, babe?’ my mum asked as she sat down a head of me with a cup of coffee.

‘Nervous,’ I feared as I mashed my cereal with the spoon. ‘But excited, mainly excited,’ I beamed as I ate some of my porridge like cereal.

‘I’ve explained everything to school, they seem okay with it. You don’t have to do PE until after you’ve given birth,’ my mother began to explain. ‘Your maternity leave shell start four weeks before your due date and you’ll have eight weeks off after, a three month break from school,’ my mum finished explaining.

‘I guess I’ll have to work extra hard in school if I want to work as a nurse,’ I laughed as I ate some more cereal. Even though I’d only been awake for like an hour, I still felt as though I could pass out into a deep sleep any minute.

My mum and I sat side by side in the waiting room. I don’t get why people get appointments set for a certain time yet they don’t get tended to for at least half an hour after the times been set. We’d already been in the waiting room for twenty-five minutes and we were still waiting. ‘The longer we’re waiting, the less patient I’m becoming,’ I muttered as I patted my feet against the tiled floor. ‘I might end up peeing my pants with nerves,’ I admitted which made my mum grin.

            ‘Isabella Jenkins,’ the speaker called. My mum and I exchanged glances before we both stood up and headed for the room we’d been called to. A sonographer stood in the door way, luckily it was a woman. She wore a friendly smile and a name tag which read “Dr Loveoutt”.

‘Good morning, Isabella,’ Dr Loveoutt smiled politely. I smiled at her as I looked nervously around the room. The sonographer was wearing a white midwife outfit. ‘Could you please lie down on the bed?’ she sounded like she was questioning me but I knew it was more of a demand. ‘Okay, first I have to put some jelly onto your belly; it might be a little cold but you’ll get use to it,’ Dr Loveoutt began. The woman put some blue gel onto my belly before rubbing the scan thing over it. I could barley feel the coldness, I was too nervous. The woman looked at the scream whilst frowning.

‘Is something wrong?’ I asked as I tried to sit up.

‘No, nothing is wrong. I’m just taking some measurements,’ Dr Loveoutt told me with a smile before she went back to frowning at the screen.

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