11) 22 Weeks Pregnant, Time For a Break

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11) 22 Weeks Pregnant, Time For a Break

Louisa, Luca, Jackson and I were all waiting at the train station with our luggage. Apparently Jackson has had his car taken off him because he was an arsehole in the weekend. Bean was definitely beginning to be a little more active. You can feel him moving properly not just like the little turning around from before. I heard the tracks rumble as the train came into seeing distance. ‘You best not leave my sight,’ Jackson warned, he had a smile on his face though.

‘Don’t worry, just know I’m not sitting beside you,’ I smiled back as I stepped closer to the railway track waiting for the train to get here.

            On the train I was sat beside Luca and Louisa was sat on the opposite side of the table with Jackson. ‘Is it hot in here or is it just me?’ I asked as I fanned my hand on my face.

‘It’s just you babe,’ Luca smirked as he handed me a drink.

‘Stop flirting with her,’ Jackson warned. I wafted him off as I took Luca’s drink.

‘No babe, it might be you to be honest. I’ve noticed you’ve been building up a little more muscle, have you been working out?’ I flirted more, Jackson doesn’t know Luca is gay, that the funniest part.

‘I have actually; you want a feel of my abs?’ Luca questioned. I nodded with a flirtatious smile spread across my face; Louisa was covering a laugh on the other side of the table.

‘I’m going to have permission to punch you in the face, Luca,’ Jackson threatened, he genuinely looked a little pissed.

‘Then I’ll kiss it better, honey,’ I whispered to Luca as I stroked his hair seductively.

‘Not on the train baby, wait until we get back to the hotel. Louisa, Jackson, we might need the room to ourselves,’ Luca teased, Jackson had his fist clenched on the table.

‘Well there is no chance of me getting pregnant,’ I laughed before turning back to Louisa and Jackson whilst sipping Luca’s drink. ‘Jackson you can have Louisa if you like,’ I offered.

‘Don’t make me throw up,’ Louisa spat as she spluttered a little of her drink at me. ‘Anyway I’d rather stay un-inpregnanted,’ Louisa announced. Is that even a word? I don’t think it is.

‘What are we doing now then?’ Luca asked as he jumped from the train almost smacking his head against the roof. I eyed our suitcases obviously.

‘Yeah,’ Louisa spoke as she looked at our bags. ‘We need to go to the hotel first,’ Louisa instructed as she took Luca’s hand, intertwining her fingers with his.  

‘Dude you have a girlfriend! First you were cozying up with Bella on the train, now you’re going all hand holding with Louisa,’ Jackson pointed out as he looked at Louisa and Luca’s hands.

Luca put his finger to his lips slowly. ‘Shh... Janet doesn’t have to know,’ Luca whispered to Luca before a huge grin spread on his face. I smirked at Luca and he winked at me back. ‘Anyway we best get going to the hotel,’ Luca finally breathed.

‘Let’s go then,’ I decided as I walked a head of Luca and Louisa, Jackson trailed at my heels. The wheels of my suitcase bounced on the ground.

I held the hotel key in my hand. Luca, Louisa and Jackson stood patiently behind me as I pushed it into the lock. Hotels in London cost a hella lot of money. Once I pushed the door open, I saw the two double beds pressed against the back wall. In all honesty the hotel room wasn’t actually that bad, it was spacious, had a bathroom. I didn’t like the way the beds were set though. ‘Okay, who’s sharing with who?’ Louisa asked as she plonked herself down on one of the beds whilst allowing her suitcase to tumble to the carpeted floor.

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