20)34 Weeks Pregnant, Trick or Treat?

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20) 34 Weeks Pregnant, Trick or Treat?

It’s Halloween today; too bad we have school first! I sat on my bed whilst combing my fingers through my hair; I’d just brushed it so it wasn’t at all knotty. ‘Isabella, I bought you these the other day,’ my mother announced as she flung some things at me. They looked like pillow cases.

‘What are these?’ I questioned as I held the three things up. They were in three colours, black, white and navy.

‘They’re belly supports, it will help you not get stretch marks as bad,’ my mother explained. I looked at the things again before taking the white one and putting it on over my head before pulling my light pink tank top over it. I actually haven’t suffered from stretch marks which is good, I’m just praying my belly goes back to normal after Coley is born.

‘Thank you,’ I appreciated as I then got back to playing with my hair before tying it into a side pony, allowing the dip dyed part to hang over my shoulder.

            Mum and I sat in the kitchen; I was eating some cereal whilst my mum drank her tea. ‘Have you thought about what’s going to happen once you’ve left school?’ my mother questioned randomly. I looked at her then shook my head.

‘All I know is I might stay of school until Coley is like two months old and then go back, that’s what Lynda told me to do,’ I explained as I spooned Cornflakes into my mouth.

‘That’s a good enough date I suppose. When you leave school I’ll hire you a tutor, don’t think you’re getting out of work for three months missy,’ my mother pointed out as she tapped a finger at me. I smirked cheekily.

‘I guess I’ll let that happen,’ I delayed as I added some more cornflakes to my mouth. Scrap that three month holiday I’ve been looking forward to. ‘Are you going to stay with me off school?’

‘I will for like the first two weeks once Coley is born but I need to start getting paid more to pay for you and my grandson whilst you’re living here,’ my mum confessed as she sipped her hot tea, licking her lips as the tea burn her. ‘And is Coley going to Jackson’s mums when you’re back at school?’

‘I think so; it depends on what happens between me and Jackson I suppose. In a worse case scenario, Katelyn’s mum runs a childminding so Coley could go there whilst I’m at school but I might just take him to the nursery when he’s a little older,’ I replied. ‘I can’t wait for him just to get out,’ I whined as I rubbed my hand on my stomach.

‘He’ll be here soon,’ my mother told me with a smile as she sipped some more tea before standing up. ‘Anyway I need to get going, see you tonight,’ my mother finished, she put her tea cup beside the sink as she kissed my cheeks. ‘Bye honey,’ mum called as she rushed from me, scooping up her handbag as she did so.

‘Bye! Love you!’ I shouted after her as the door closed leaving me alone to eat my cereal.

School was over, today wasn’t so bad. It has gotten a lot better after my kind words with Brianna. I stood by the entrance of school waiting for Louisa, Eda and Rhys with Luca who had his arms crossed. ‘I’m going to nip back home to get mine and Rhys’ Halloween costume so I’ll meet you lot at yours. Make sure you wait for Rhys,’ Luca instructed as he began walking away.

‘I promise,’ I stated as Luca gave me a way before fleeing from the school grounds. Luca and Rhys are still in a relationship, for now it all seems perfect to be honest; well apart from the fact that their relationship is still being kept a secret from the entire school. Rhys has started to open up to us a little more; he isn’t as quiet and mysterious which is nice.

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