I dreamt of my parents. My mother's warm smile and my father's contagious laugh. The details of the dream were already getting hazy as the world started coming back to me. I wanted more time with them, but their image started to fade away. I frantically tried to reach out and hold them there. It didn't work. Once again I had to relive the shattering feeling of losing them.

My eyes were warm with tears as they opened.

"Mom?" I whispered with the little hope that I could muster. I chocked back a sob when all that met me were blinding lights. It took me a moment to adjust to my new surroundings and when I did, I took a second to analyze them.

On my left was a plain white curtain pulled along the length of the single bed I laid on and facing me was a identical looking wall. There was no color around me and that made me miss my mother's soft blonde hair even more. When I turned to my right, I met two very steady grey eyes.

"Eddie?" A small smile spread across my face. He returned it and then ran away, screaming the news of me being awake. Both Ash and Emma raced to my bed, wearing the same looks of concern. Which soon turned to anger.

"Have you any idea how worried we were?" Emma started.

"Of course not, all you care about is being the big hero no matter what the cost." Ash scolded from the other side. Both of them were like predators closing in on their prey. Now I really wished I hadn't woken up.


"You had cuts all over yourself."

"Not the mention all the blood you lost."

"I-" I tried again but they weren't done yet.

"I leave you for a few minutes and look what you do to yourself."

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted you." Ash said as he halted over me, his arms crossed sternly. I looked from one to the other, thinking of what to present as my valid excuse. I couldn't think of one because to be honest, my actions were pretty unreasonable. It was like I had a tendency to do exactly what the others asked me not to. I would never admit it to myself, but I always felt like I had something to prove. I wasn't fine being the one everyone had to worry about. However, in the desperation of finally getting them to trust me, I had ruined the chances of that ever happening anywhere in the near future.

"Then why did you. In this scenario, you're the only one to blame." Sam entered and I instantly felt better. Not because of her comment to defend me but because she was walking. And talking. Way better than when I had last seen her. Her dress was replaced with a grey jumpsuit, one most of the trainees at the Sanctuary wore. It was incredible how she made such a simple outfit look so majestic and still managed to carry herself like royalty.

Ash, on the other hand, didn't share my relief and admiration. His scowl said that much.

"Where were you when all this went down? Oh wait, you were in the basement passed out like a useless coward." He shot.

In a blink, Sam had Ash's throat against one of her twin blades, which I noticed she still had. Ash made no attempt to move away. Both of them stood nose to nose, a fierce look in all four eyes. Panic rose inside me. This was anything but good.

"Don't ever call me a coward again." Sam said through gritted teeth. She held his gaze for another second before stepping away.

Awkward silence hung over the room. Emma and I exchanged uncomfortable looks while Ash still had his eyes locked on Sam who made a point not to meet them. Lucas came to the rescue after a few minutes.

"Glad to see you're-" his eyes took in the tension between Ash and Sam and he raised an eyebrow.

"Did I miss something?"

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