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Madison's POV

"I can teleport?" I asked, not believing my luck. Fate was finally on my side.

"Yes Madison you're a teleporter." Fiona chuckled, but stopped when she saw the sudden disappointed look on my face.

"What's wrong?" She inquired worriedly.

"I was really hoping to have a gift like my parents'." My shoulders slumped a little.

"You're such an ungrateful imbecile." Samantha grunted from the other side of the room. Emma glared at her while I flushed. 

She was right.

"Are we done here?" Ash came back in, looking grumpier than ever. He was having a tough time dealing with not being gifted. The worst part was that he had to train nonetheless because by merely being the offspring of a gifted, his life was just as threatened as ours was. If anything, no powers made him an easier target. 

"Ash why don't you do the honors?" Fiona suggested and gestured to the black marble fountain in the middle of the room.

Ash's features turned perplexed as he looked between the fountain and Fiona, trying to make sense of the situation.

"I can't swim." He admitted with a straight face and Fiona rolled her eyes.

"If you had taken your time to read the Liaphet, you would know what I mean. Cassidy why don't you show him." Fiona turned to Cassidy, pride radiating off of her. My teeth clenched. That power of hers had been the last stepping stone. I hated her.

She had everything I ever wanted. First it was Miles and now, telepathy.
My mom had been the strongest of them all. I really admired the tales of her heroic adventures and battles. I just wished that I could someday mirror her greatness. It was too much to hope for. My parents had done the best and bravest thing in their right but their names attached to mine were more like a taunt to me. I felt like I wasn't good enough to be their daughter as people expected things from me. I was a disappointment.

Cassidy confidently walked over to the flowing fountain and dipped her hands in the running water. In an instant she fished out a damp piece of paper. 

The Liaphet was the book that gave us all the information of our ancestors and heritage. It was also a guide book towards all our traditional rituals and processions. According to the Liaphet in this case, the candidates picked out the limited number of special water resistant papers that were initially dipped into the fate portion. The fate portion was a liquid that enabled our kind to find out vague details of our future or what was meant to be. The fate portion was not the only kind of potions there were. Some of our kind were gifted this ability to make them with a spell that only they could cast. There was only one potion maker that we knew of in the present.

My grandmother.

Cassidy closed her eyes in concentration, while the paper was still in her hand. She opened her eyes to take in the answer that would've appeared on the surface. Her smile was from ear to ear as she eagerly handed the paper to Fiona. A proud smirk appeared on Fiona's lips.

"Team you have just found your skipper." She announced and Cassidy beamed at her new followers.

This day just kept getting better.

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