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Authors Note

This is my very first book so I really don't know if I'm a good writer or not but all I ask for is that you give me a chance to find out.

I'm really thankful if you're taking you're time to read this book and if you think there are things that should be mentioned or have any other suggestions, I'm open to them. I love positive criticism and it really will help me to write better and for you to get better stuff to read.

And if you're not reading my book which means you probably won't read this then I guess I'm just wasting my time, but I'll keep writing for people who actually read, doesn't matter if it's thousands or just one person.

I guess I'll just let you read now and stop. Sorry I talk a lot. Hope you enjoy:D

Ooh and just one last thing I have to make a dedication I know there's a special thing for that but it was taking too long so I'm just gonna put it here.

I want to dedicate this chapter to my really good friend without whom I probably wouldn't have had the guts to actually upload this story. Thank you Otri! And as promised; This is dedicated to Otri, there will never be another who will surpass your awesomeness ;D

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*Fifteen years ago*

"They're here." Evangeline Turner announced, her voice barely a whisper. Her nerves and heart were pounding harder than she could hold inside her skin. It was like all the air had been sucked out of her lungs.

Robert Turner looked around at the fearful and shock-stricken faces of his comrades that were about to step into the most dangerous battle of their lives, unarmed. Except, off course, for themselves which were the best weapons they could carry.

"But how is this possible? We locked away the Forsaken with our own hands. No one other than one of us could have opened that door." Gideon Wagner quizzed while running a hand through his dark mass of hair in pure frustration.

"That's hardly our biggest problem right now. No matter who let them out, the fact is that they are out now." Robert cut them off when he noticed how the atmosphere held no hope but only fear.

"Look, I know all of you are scared right now, I am too. I have two little girls I want to get back to, I know you do too." He gave his wife a reassuring look and she sniffed back her tears but her eyes were still soft at the mention of her toddlers.

He went on, "Normal people have to put up with a day at the office so they can go back to their families, but we have to put up with those monsters." He pointed to the wall that stood between their little group and the other incoming supernatural army.

"But it's what we do because we're not normal, we're gifted. And so are our children and hopefully so will be our future generations, but if we walk away now what future do we choose for them? One where they're no more than weak and scared beings completely oblivious to their true strength? No, that is not what I want for my kids. I don't want to them to remember their father as someone who turned his tail and died trying to get away like cowards. I want them to remember their father who gave everything he had just so they have the comfort of the day. I want them to stand taller when they tell people who their parents were. So we fight today, not to die but to let our names live on."

"Lets not talk about dying alright, we're gonna bash these bastards and return home after our job is done. It's just another day for us, one we're going to get through, just like we always do." Roger Dean spoke up in a rather light and casual tone, like they weren't just about to get marched on by hundreds of merciless killing machines. Nonetheless everyone in the room erupted into cheers and roars. Robert gave Roger an appreciative smile before turning to his beautiful wife.

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