Madison's POV

"I beg to differ." Leon put up a hand and a beam of burning fire shot through the layer of ice, cracking it. The Forsaken hissed and swung his arm at us. I gasped as sharp shards of ice flew towards us with incredible speed. Leon pushed me down on the ground, shielding my body with his.

"The room behind him has an exit which is open, you run to it as soon as you have the chance." He informed, his voice muffled through my hair. I nodded and he stood up, dragging me to my feet behind him. I watched with wide eyes as the Forsaken threw strike after strike of icy shards at us but they melted as soon as they reached the wall of fire Leon had put up. The Forsaken suddenly stopped and stood there motionless for a second but Leon didn't bring his wall of defense down. I could only watch in horror when the Forsaken pulled his head back and released a tornado of icy wind from under his hood, blowing away Leon's wall.

Leon pulled his hand back in response and hurled balls of fire at the dark creature. It dodged with inhumane speed and moved away from the exit room. I sprinted to it, taking down the cracked and weak wall of ice with a kick. The ice collected in a layer near my feet and I walked through, into the room that would grant me my freedom. There it was, in front of me, a rectangular shaped carving through the stone wall. It was moved too, giving enough space for one person to pass through. I saw the outside world and my heart clenched with longing. Just a few more steps and I would be free.

But my feet stopped me in my tracks and I whirled around. I ran back into the hallway and met the sight of Leon that made my heart stop. His fighting gear was cut in many places, scarlet liquid dripping through them. There was a sharp shard of ice that had pierced its way into his shoulder. He pulled it out without a sound while keeping his eyes trained on the Forsaken facing him. His eyes went dark and void like they did a few seconds before something spontaneously burst into flames. The fire started at the hem of the Forsaken's robe, but it managed to put it out with something cold that looked like smoke to the naked eye.

Then Leon put both his hands up and a think beam of fire aimed at the Forsaken shot out. It matched his power with his own wave of blue energy. I knew I had to something, I couldn't just stand there and watch. I looked around for anything that I could use as a weapon because the idea of flinging myself at that ice box was not an appealing one.

My eyes landed on the ice still on the floor and without thinking further I picked it up and fought the urge to drop the stinging stuff just as soon. I pulled my hand back and threw it with all my strength. It hit the Forsaken on the back and he lost his concentration. He swung his hand at Leon, sending his icy needles towards him. Leon rolled over and dodged but I didn't have time to feel relieved when the Forsaken turned on me and advanced closer. I backed away, my heart at my throat. The Forsaken suddenly stopped, his figure gaining an orange glow before he burst into ashes. I stared at the remains of the Forsaken on the floor, my mind still digesting the fact that he was gone. It was over.

Clearly exhausted, Leon leaned over a nearby wall and closed his eyes.

"Not again, not...her too." I heard him murmur to himself as I ran to him.

"You okay?" I inquired and his eyes opened, surprise and confusion laced through them like he couldn't figure out why I was still there. He blinked and shook his head.

"Why didn't you run? I tried to buy you time, you should've ran." He said and I gave him an incredulous look.

"And leave you here all alone to deal with this crap, are you crazy?" I gently put a hand on his arm and tried to pull him up.

"Come on let's get out of here before another one of those-" I didn't get to finish my sentence as his hand took hold of mine and pulled me towards him. Startled, I looked up at him and then he was kissing me. I froze in shock, but only for a moment. I put my hands around his neck, kissing him back with a desire that surprised us both. He crushed us close and I ran my hand through his silky hair. His lips were hot on mine and made my lips tingle. For the moment there was no Arthur, no Forsaken, no world that needed saving. There was only the two of us.

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