Madison's POV

My whole body went rigid as the doorbell rang and a breath escaped my lips. It had never felt this way before but I just knew that it was him at the door, I just did. My heartbeat had gone into a completely different rhythm. I was a ball of nerves and anticipation. I gave myself a once over and suddenly I regretted going all casual and barely wearing any makeup. Ash noticed the shift in my composed self and raised an eyebrow.

"Aren't you going to get the door?"

I broke out of my reverie and blinked.

"I-ah yeah. I'll get the door."

The walk to the door was the longest one I've ever had my chest kept rising and falling slightly.

What was wrong with me?

I gripped the handle so tight, my knuckles turned white. I finally swung the door open.

Only a girl with hazel hair was waiting on the other side. I slumped a little.

"I'm Cassidy, is Fiona here?" Her voice was annoyingly mellifluous and I had to grudgingly admit that she was gorgeous. Her eyes were a shiny silver, a big contrast from my dull green. My eyes reminded me of canned spinach. I hated Spinach.

"Yeah, come on in." I tried to sound as nice as I could but my voice came out flat. She raised a hand as I moved to close the door.

"My boyfriend is just parking the car outside, can you do me a favour and wait for him?"

My heart jumped again.

"But then who's going to show you the way to Fiona?" I regretfully asked in courtesy.

She waved it off.

"I've been here a thousand times, I know my way around. Just tell me where she is." She claimed and I stood there, more confused than ever.

"You've been here before?"

"Yeah, Emma and I are friends." My mouth shaped into an O but I couldn't believe Emma had failed to mention this. Well to her defense, I was never really interested in her friend list because it changed every other month. Unlike me, Emma liked exhausting all her choices.

"They're in the back garden." I informed and she strolled off in the wrong direction. I didn't bother correcting her. She can have fun finding her way through the mansion that could put the biggest mazes in this world to shame.

I stood there for a few moments but no one came in. The electric shocks had also stopped and I felt numb again.

He was gone.

I stepped out and scanned the area. There was no car anywhere around our house. My forehead initially creased in confusion but they my eyes widened in realization.

I had been played.

There was no boyfriend parking a car and she did know her way around our house. She never intended to go to Fiona, it's why she lied to me. She made sure her path was clear to do whatever she was upto.

I quickly scampered along the way she had gone and checked every possible room she could have entered but they were all empty.

She was gone.


Miles' POV

The drive around the dark and quiet neighborhood was a silent and familiar one. I halted the car near a lonely tree in the middle of a patch of shrubs and waited patiently.

Cassidy should've been here by now. I couldn't help worrying about her no matter how hard I tried. I just wasn't capable of not thinking about her every second of this patethic life. Earlier this evening I had been an asshole and left her alone in the middle of the night. It had later pained me more than my cold behavior could ever hurt her. I hated pushing her away, but I had no choice.

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