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After mine and Ash's little get together, we decided to extend it and informed Fiona that we would be joining them directly at Francie's. The sky above was mostly dark and without looking at my watch I could tell that it was past eight. Fiona had asked us to get there thirty minutes ago because she was strict about getting to bed early for school next day. Under other circumstances there was no way we would've even imagined not obliging according to Fiona's demands but our plan had taken more time than we expected it would. We had to convince Emma and Lucas to help and consequently had to make Fiona believe that both of them won't be able to join us during dinner beacause they had a group project to work on. It wasn't a complete lie.

"Can't you drive any faster?" I asked impatiently.

Ash gave me a toothy grin and decreased the speed even more.

"What is wrong with you! We are already late, Fiona's going to kill us." I tried to knock some sense into him but I already knew he was a lost cause. Can't blame a girl for trying.

'I'm not scared of Fiona, and besides the later the better for our plan."

"Our plan doesn't include getting dumped six feet under by Fiona."

"Okay fine, geez you really need to learn how to chill." He finally sped up but it wasn't much use anymore as we had already reached the parking at Francie's.

"You ready?" I turned towards him as he killed the engine.

"I already feel romantic."

I gave him my usual eye roll and got out. After straightening my jacket I noticed how the whole place looked deserted. I remembered every detail about this restuarant as it was the only fancy, high class venue to eat in our small town of Midale, so it was visited by all the richest and elite citizens here. The last fact made the current situation even more out of the ordinary.

I recognized the only other two cars as Fiona's and Cassidy's blue SUV which were parked not far from eachother.

"Why is no one else here?" I asked as Ash got out behind me, looking even better under the solar panelled lights overhead. He had a simple enough ensemble which consisted of a navy button down shirt and black fitted jeans.

"You really have been away for too long."

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"It means that you should know that it's very common around here to book restaurants." He answered but didn't look at me and started towards the huge double doors that were the entrance. I didn't reply because I didn't have anything to say to that. I mean it made sense with everyone here having more money that they could ever spend but it also took away the whole point about a restaurant.

I was still getting used to the lack of population in Midale because New York was always buzzing with people and not in a bad way. The city seemed alive. Midale on the other hand was dark and reserved. It was easy to feel lonely and cold.

Ash halted infront of the doors and locked our arms.

"Now look all lovey dovey." He instructed and my lips broke into a dreamy smile. At least I hoped they did, it was hard enough for me to act romantic when it was real. This fake show would take a lot of talent. I just hoped I had it.

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