Chapter Seven: Unions and Reunions

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Miles' POV

I didn't remember the last time, my feet had carried me so far, so fast. The time difference between my encounter with Cassidy and Samantha's distressing message was only a few minutes apart. It told me that Cassidy was near because she couldn't have traveled far in that short amount of time. Anyways performing the spell was a risk, and as far as I knew Cassidy, she would never risk the safety of others. Except for Madison apparently. According to Samantha, Madison had just collapsed in the middle of her training. Fiona thinks she is in some kind of coma.

The deserted vegetation all around me was probably the best place for Cassidy to perform the spell, away from the city. Safety and solidarity. Perfect for her and me being here was also a plus point. Or so it seemed.

I kept running straight in the direction Cassidy had taken off. I couldn't believe I didn't notice before how she had gone off in the completely opposite direction to the city. I should've taken the hint when she came close to me that easily. She was never the type to just throw herself at me. I should've also seen how much she wanted to go through with the locator spell.

The locator spell was one of the dark spells performed only in times of dire need, which according to Cassidy was now. She was determined to find the key and destroy it. The reason the Forsaken were hunting us was because a gifted of pure blood was the only one who could see the location of the key. Cassidy believed it was her.It was right to find the key before the Forsaken did but it was wrong to hurt someone while doing it.

The mist all around me made it harder to navigate my way through the shrubs but there was some kind of unexplainable connection between Cassidy and I. I could sense her from miles away. The fog a few meters ahead of me cleared just enough for me to make out the faint outline of Cassidy's SUV. My pace quickened even though my breathing was already on edge. It didn't even matter that every muscle in my body burned because I knew I had to keep going.

As I neared Cassidy's car, the air got thicker and finally the reason for all the sudden mist was apparent. Not much further away from her blue vehicle, stood Cassidy. I knew that the spell required the elemental power of water but I couldn't have imagined a scene like the one in front of me. The clear water had rose to form a wall around Cassidy, engulfing her so only her contorted form was visible through it.

I halted right before the wall and took in the rushing water in awe. I had never seen anything like this before, it was beautiful. I tried to push my hand through it but the pressure of the water almost took my hand off before I quickly pulled it back.

I backed away and readied myself to scream through to her and tell her how she didn't want to hurt Madison. How all this wasn't worth her life, But I never got the chance as the water fell back and Cassidy appeared, still holding Emma's necklace in her hands.

"It's done."


Madison's POV

The fire all around me was hot to say the least, but it felt good. It felt exciting. The red-orange flames were more than just an attraction, they felt like a part of me. They were mine.

Only that they weren't. A figure materialized in the distance, covered in the same auburn flames. He was like a man on fire, the fire shaping into unruly spikes on the head. Even through the blinding inflammation, I could see the clear, turquoise gems that were his eyes.

I had no idea what I was under, but it felt like some kind of spell that took away all of my rationality. My hands rose on their own accord and reached for his face. His gaze was fixed on me, full of curiosity and some other emotions I couldn't quite place well.

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