The restrooms were directly opposite to the back exit of the bowling alley, marked with nothing but black ink. I had followed Cassidy to the corridor after excusing myself to check on her. By now she had already flung the door with the stick figure wearing a dress that symbolized its reservation for ladies. I halted there for a second and fished out my phone. It rung a few times before Emma finally picked up.

"Did it work? Did they call Lucas?" I asked.

"Offcourse they did, its not like they know any other IT expert who they can call on without disclosing our secret." She replied.

That was good to hear. Lucas was a vital part of this plan, maybe the most important one. He had first sent a fake alert message to Fiona's cell after which both Sam and her had rushed to the Sanctuary. Knowing Martha's worth to the Sanctuary was beneficial. She had the only records of our kind, not to mention the only way to find them. The other important part was to somehow hide the fact that it was a fake alarm. Lucas solved that problem too.

It was also a good thing that Fiona had no interest or knowledge of the gadgets of this century and Sam, well Sam was Sam. She couldn't careless about pointless technological terms, unless they had something to do with her appearance. Which they fortunately didn't. This obviously made Lucas' job twice as easier at fooling and stalling both Fiona and Sam while Emma broke into their house and searched Cassidy's room for the necklace.

Well calling it breaking in was alittle too much. All she had to do was up to the gate and ask to go inside. The guard knew who she was and anyways I knew how intimidating my sister could be so I had no doubt she would manage to get in. Offcourse that would leave a living witness to Emma's entrance but she could just make up an excuse for Fiona and Sam because they didn't know why she was there. Or that she stole something. Well it wasn't technically stealing because it was her necklace to start with, she was just getting it back. And there was no way Cassidy could tell Fiona anything about it because then she would have to explain why she had stolen it in the first place. Which is what we wanted to know.

"Are you in yet?"

"Really Madison? Your lack of confidence in me is offensive. I got in like ten minutes ago and I'm already out. I mean you should see her room, its basically empty. She doesn't know the first thing about customization." Emma ranted on but her cut her off.

"Well did you find it?"

There was no response from the other side for a split second which answered my question.

"It wasn't there, was it?"

"Nope, I flipped the room upside down. It was nowhere."

"Then lets hope she has it on her right now." I said, nervously glancing in the direction of the restroom door, desperately hoping Cassidy would stay in there a little longer.

"It's our best bet. Plan B then?"


"I'll let Lucas know."

I hung up and straightened myself before going inside. The sight before me made me feel like I had been born yesterday. Cassidy's figure was leaned against the white marble sink with her head in her hands. I could hear her crying and the occasional sniffing. I couldn't believe I had been so quick to judge this girl. I thought all she was capable of was that signature glare and tough get up. I was swallowed in by the whole Miles thing that I had been completely ignorant to her. How she put up the I am so tough show just to keep people from seeing what was really underneath that mask.

The Cassidy in front of me right now was weak and broken. A pang of guilt rised in my chest. No matter how much I hated her, I never wanted to hurt her. Well I guess I did but not this bad. Was it because of whatever was going on between her and Miles? Or was it because she couldn't take what was between me and him? I should've known better, I mean he was her boyfriend and trying to get him was just really low.

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