In front of me stood a tall and rather bulky figure, supporting a heavy machine gun in his hands. By the way he was confidently aiming at exactly the right targets, it was east to tell that he had the sight. Another boy appeared from behind him and quickly made his way to us. He attempted to reach Sam but I managed to lift myself enough to shield her body with mine. The fact that they were not trying to send me ten feet underground was not enough for me to trust them. Especially not with an unconscious Samantha.

"Madison you can trust him." To my surprise, Ash called from the other side of the room, still locked in his position as he shot hood after hood. I didn't have much time to consider but the confirmation I needed was already made so I slowly got out of the stranger's way, still eyeing him cautiously. He had a boyish face which wasn't much older than my age, but his body was definitely muscled as he easily lifted Sam over his arms and carried her away.

He came back to help me but I put up a hand. I put my hands on the ground, palms facing the floor, and tried to push my body high enough to pull my legs under me for support. I failed the first time but then the fatigue and anger came at me all at once. Hatred was a relatively good fuel and my dislike for the Forsaken ran pretty deep. Once I was on my feet, I regretted the strong act all together as every part of my body ached, not to mention the cuts all over my skin. I knew I had to stop the bleeding or I would just keep getting weaker.

I really wished Fiona were here. Her healing abilities could have really been useful right now. Emma had healing powers too, but unfortunately, her's were only limited to patching up herself.

I reached for my blade, which had fallen during my humble descend to the floor. It seemed so much heavier than it had before and I opted for a lighter dagger that could do the job just fine for now. The man with the machine gun was still mercilessly firing at the Forsaken but now they were driven out of the building and none of them made it inside before disintegrating.

The other guy was eyeing me indecisively, still trying to decide if he should help me or not.

"I can handle myself." I decided to make the situation clear and he stepped back, looking relieved. I couldn't take steps without wincing as the cut on my back opened up wider every time I put my feet ahead.

"There has been a bigger break in near the infirmary, I suggest you stay here. This place is safer and more in control." The guy who had helped Sam out informed.

"Where is my friend?"

"She is safe. She has been carried to the underground bunker." I gave him a grateful look. At least now there was one less person to worry about.

An arm locked around my waist and I found Ash putting one of my arms over him. The look in his eyes left no room for argument. His gun was harmlessly strapped around him and that was when I realized that the firing had stopped.

"There are no more here." The bulky guy with the heavy weaponry announced. After giving his teammate a curt nod, he scurried out of the room.

"Where's he going?"

"The infirmary, there-"


I didn't know what I felt worse about, forgetting about my sister or standing there doing nothing to help her. I decided that I could still make up for one of them.

Ash wasn't the first to stop me.

"Get out of my way." I said through gritted teeth. All the gratitude I felt for the guy was gone for the moment, the only thing that remained was him between me and my sister.

"I can't. I have orders."

"You need to understand, my sister is out there and-" I began but before I could continue Ash swung his sniper and knocked the boy unconscious with one swift motion. My eyes widened but he just shrugged.

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