This chapter has to be dedicated to my friend; Yomna. You mean the world to me and I've no I idea how I would've survived the past year without you. I miss you sooo much! Like everytime I have loads to say but hope you know me well enough to know what it is. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK.


The black sky outside the warehouse was cloudless. The only illumination in the dark night came from the luminiscint crescent overhead. The emanating pale light cast a shadow on Miles' sharp, angular features. They looked some what softer, but that was only the silence before the storm.

All seven of them were huddled beside the open control truck. Cassidy and Lucas were resting inside on their makeshift beds while the rest were waiting for someone to finally end the uneasy quietness.

"So our first mission went well." Ash's sarcastic remark only added to the awkwardness.

"How could you?" Miles' steely tone cut through to Madison, as she slightly fliched at the hatred in his intense gaze.

"I did what I thought was right." She replied just as icily.

"How was leaving Cassidy to die right!" He burst out, all the composure gone.

"I didn't leave her to die, I couldn't have helped both of them at the same time."

"You were supposed to have Cassidy's back." He accused bitterly.

"Ash needed my help more than she did, I mean he was unconscious for heaven's sake! Not to mention his inability to see his attacker. Cassidy had a way better chance." She reasoned but knew inside that she had let her team down. No matter how annoying or rude Cassidy was, she was still her responsibility.

"She is hurt because of you."

"It wasn't like I was the one who stabbed her."

"You would if it was up to you."

"Enough!" Sam deadpanned, her temper on the peak.

"There's no freaking point in blaming each other. We are a team and it was all our fault that two of our own almost died today."

"Three." Ash coughed and earned a deathly glare from Sam.

"Samantha is right." Emma's words surprised everyone, especially Samantha who seemed taken aback.

"Well that's a first." Ash muttered.

"We were all taken by surprise, the plan was never to engage such a big number." Madison said and turned to Miles.

"I know I should've protected Cassidy, I'm sorry." She finally gave in, trying to mitigate the guilty feeling she got everytime her eyes landed on Cassidy.

"You better be, and as lieutenant I want to make some changes. From now on, I cover Cassidy." He declared and stomped off without waiting for approval.

"Can he do that?" Emma inquired and Madison shook her head.

"Well not unless another team member bolsters his demand, but I'm pretty sure Cassidy will more than approve."

They stood there for a few more minutes, finally getting a chance to enjoy the peace.

"Lets head back to HQ, my mom will be worried. We need to take both of them to her so she can patch them up." Sam gestured to Cassidy and Lucas and hopped into the driver's seat.

"What about Miles?" Madison inquired, looking around for his figure in the distance.

"He's not coming back." She informed and a mixture of confusion and worry embedded on Madison's face.

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