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The air sang, imitating a low hiss. The sky was blotched with dark grey clouds, ready to start pouring down their contents on the almost deserted street under them.

A girl quietly made her way through the dark alley encircling her. She couldn't shake off the uneasy feeling of being followed. She pulled on the sleeves of her jacket and hugged it closer to her chest, thinking it would make her feel safer somehow.

Her auburn hair flew in the direction opposing the airflow and her green eyes stayed fixed on the cemented road as she was too scared to look around her and find something proving her fears.

The sound of clinking metal made her head whip around, and her breathing got significantly faster. She put a reassuring hand on her chest as she found nothing but a dark and empty pathway behind her. She looked around one last time as a precaution and then turned back around.

A shrill and surprised scream escaped her lips as a hooded figure was what she found directly in front of her, only inches away.

"W-what d-do you want?" She stammered while stumbling backwards. The stranger just stood there in silence. She tried to get a peek of what was under that dark hood of his but all she could see was a shadow. She tripped over a piece of garbage that had probably fell out of the trash trunk nearby. She hit the pavement and could already feel the pain of a scraped elbow.

"P-please just leave me alone." She begged while crawling away from the hood as he was now advancing towards her. He moved with a certain grace, almost like he was gliding. He silently raised a hand, covered in the black fabric of his robe. As his hand rose, the cloth fell down his hand and revealed white, flesh-less bones.

"O-oh my god." The teenage girl put a hand over her mouth and forgot how to move. Suddenly, she couldn't do anything, it was like her whole body was paralyzed and was in some kind of lock down. The hand moved higher and her throat constricted. She could feel an invisible hand chocking her and her hand moved to cover her throat as she struggled to breath. She could already feel her lungs giving out when a beam of light appeared behind her.

She heard a gunshot and the figure stumbled back as the bullet hit his chest but still managed to stand his ground. Her head turned around to come face to face with a familiar pair of stormy blue eyes.

"Stop lying there like a hopeless chicken and get up." He ordered, unsheathing a shiny blade.

"I can't!" She snapped back. She was able to breath now as the choking had stopped but her muscles refused to make a move. The hood somehow lifted the garbage trunk without touching it at all and flung it directly at the boy with the sword. He expertly slid under it and shot the hood again with his gun. This bought him sometime and he quickly embedded the blade into the hood's chest. It crumpled to the ground, like there had been no one in it in the first place. It was like the body had just evaporated.

"W-was i-it one of them?" She managed to whisper her query.

"Seems like it. You're lucky this wasn't an original or you would've been a goner." He claimed, pulling the blade back with a click of a button so now it looked like a useless, overly ornamented metallurgic stick.

"Just me?" She took his outstretched hand and winced as he pulled her up.

"Yup, I think you're hurt." He remarked and put the gun back into his leather jacket.

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