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My sister's necklace hung in front of me, suspended from Miles' hand.

"You have it, you knew about this?" I was now the one who was confused. Turned out nobody really knew what was going on. To do that, one would have to know all sides of the story and to do that, one would have to know exactly how many sides there are.

He didn't bother answering and just flung the silver ornament at me.

"Come on Cassidy, it's late." He held out his hand towards her and like expected, she took it. Her eyes turned to me and the look inside them was not one of triumph. It was like she knew it was not fair. He couldn't just turn my world upside down and still pretend like everything was fine. Because it was not. It wasn't fine that he could turn a plain day of mine into the best one and then take it downhill in a heartbeat.

I had to get a grip on myself. I had to expel all the unwanted feelings I had for him and just look at him like I would look at any other emotionless asshole. My situation had to be crystal clear. I needed answers and he was in my way.

"Don't you dare walk away from me right now."

I surprised everyone including myself with the authority and finality in my tone. Cassidy paused and held him back with their intertwined hands.

"Cassidy I need to take you home." I heard him say.

"Miles she deserves to know." She pleaded and when the typical Miles would have said fine and continued on his way, this one sighed and turned around.

He was so confusing. A while ago, he didn't even want to be in the same car as her and now he was actually listening to her. Something which was even rarer than never.

I waited patiently for answers, albeit my insides were begging to pour out. Cassidy spoke first.

"My mother had a book that contained some of the ancient spells that were destroyed by our ancestors." She began but Ash cut her off.

"They were destroyed for a very good reason. Those spells are dangerous. That book of your mother's isn't suppose to exist."

He sounded cautious and scared. Two traits that Ash wasn't known for. Whatever was in that book was definitely best if kept away.

I had briefly read about the history of our kind but nowhere in the books was any mention of ancient spells. Maybe our elders thought it was for the best. They really didn't want us to know about those spells, let alone have access to any of them.

"I know, it's why I didn't tell anyone about it. Except Miles." She continued.

"What does that have to do with Emma's necklace?" Lucas asked.

Cassidy turned to Miles and silently communicated something through her eyes. Miles seemed to understand and then went on for her.

"There have been multiple attacks in recent months by the Forsaken like you already know. We wanted to find a way to stop what we think is coming."

"Which is what exactly?" Ash inquired with folded arms.

"Arthur's resuscitation.".

The wind chirped, carrying a mixture of fallen leaves and dust along with it. None of us attempted to speak as we took in the weight of what Miles had just said. Several years ago, Arthur had tried to wipe out our whole race along with the humans. He wanted to be the undisputed ruler of the world. It sounded almost childish to me but Arthur was pretty serious about the whole ruling the world thing. He had even gone as far as to killing his own wife when she showed her resentment towards what he was doing. If Arthur came back, there was no way any of us had any chance against him.

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