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Kicking out a room full of super humans is harder than it looks.

"Come on people, everyone out! A little quicker please! You have super speed. Use it," I say, clapping my hands. The last thing I need is a whole bunch of Supers and former enemies lounging around when Levi wakes up. His brain got pretty screwed up so this is going to be a delicate process.

Pollux shoots me a dirty look but eventually him and the rest of the Olympians leave along with the rescued Supers. Mike, Cammie, Atlas, and Circe all say their goodbyes before heading out too until all that's left is my father and Finn.

"I'll give you some time to work with Levi but then we really need to talk. I'll go grab the stuff, just come out when you're done," my father says to me before retreating to his office.

"I'll give you some space too," Finn says even though he looks hesitant, "You probably have a lot to talk about."

I know the whole Levi thing is hard form him. We never really had a chance to adapt after I picked. I got abducted and then Levi was still captured and relationships just didn't seem important. But Finn's been with me every step of the way even if he is upset. I owe him one.

"Thank you," I nod. I watch as one clone flies out the window and nervously walk to greet the other.

I'm not really sure what I expect. For Levi to come running out to greet me with a hug and giant smile? No, he wouldn't do that even if everything was normal.

Instead, he's sitting in the dark as I slowly enter the spare bedroom. I nervously flinch back as I flip on the lights and he's just staring at me.

He's still wearing the all white bodysuit Hudson's guards had on. His hair is cut close to his head. There dark bags under his eyes. And yet, it's Levi.

It's him.




I can't help myself. Screw easing him into things. I rush over to him and wrap my arms around him as if I could just hold tight enough everything would be right in the world.

"Levi," I murmur, burying my face into his chest. There's a long moment where he just stands there stiffly but then finally he wraps his arms around me and rests his forehead on mine.

"Mack," he says, his voice barely above a whisper.

"I..." I try not even sure where to start. There's a million and one things I want to tell him. I want to make sure he's ok and ask what it was like and apologize again and again for getting him into this mess in the first place, "I'm so sorry."

He pulls away, his blue eyes as bright as ever, "I remember everything. Every second of it. I couldn't control my actions but I saw it all."

I swallow hard, trying to gage how he's feeling. Is he angry? Upset? Scared? His face is stoned cold and I have a hard of time reading him as if it were a stranger.

"I tried to fight it but they did things to me Mack... they messed with my mind," he tells me and I suddenly remember all those nightmares I had gotten of Levi covered in blood.

"It's over Levi, you're safe now," I tell him, placing a hand on his arm. He quickly jerks away and I try not to feel hurt. He's just having a hard time adjusting. He always hated being mind controlled.

"They told me something," Levi starts, "About you."

I meet his eyes, "What did they say?"

"They said you were the Prime. That the only reason Supers... the only reason I would like you was because you being the Prime made me want to," he asks. When I don't answer right away he says, "You don't seem surprised."

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