The Kids Are Not Alright

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Okay, the clone thing is weird.

"Stop staring at me," she hisses, and even though she's floating in the sky about a city block over, I can hear her as if she were standing right next to me. Unfortunately, that means so can every other Super in the room.

"Ooh got caught checking out the new girl?" Circe teases and a few of the Olympians laugh.

I glance out the window where Sage is hovering a safe distance away. "I'm going to go see if she's ok," I say as Circe makes suggestive noises. I carefully open the window and fly up into the sky so I'm floating across from Sage. I can't help that I was staring. She looks exactly like Mack. She has the same dark, curly hair and hazel eyes. She's even wearing some spare clothes from Mack's closet. If it weren't for the fact Sage was currently flying I'd honestly think it was Mack. 

"Hey, you doing okay?" I ask her.

Sage looks sort of peeved. It's Mack's annoyed looked so I know it well. "I didn't ask you to come check on me."

"I know but you were sort of just hovering here all by yourself. You can come inside and talk if you want, I know you must have a lot of questions," I offer but Sage shakes her head.

"No, I don't want to," she says quietly, "Too many people, too much going on. I'd rather just keep my distance. I've already figured out most of it already."

Of course she has. She is Mack's clone that means she's pretty smart. But if she doesn't have questions than why is she just hanging around?

She must realize what I'm thinking and quickly explains, "I wanted to apologize to your friend, the one I choked out. I'm normally not so aggressive."

"It's ok, we all have days where we wake up on the wrong side of the cloning tube," I grin and to my surprise Sage bursts out laughing.

Wait. Did she actually just laugh at my dumb joke? Maybe she's not that much like Mack after all...

Sage sticks her hands in the pockets of her shorts and looks toward's Mack's house. "I look like her, don't I? Like you and that Levi guy."

I nod, "That's sort of how the whole clone thing works."

Sage rolls her eyes, "I know, I know but like... Am I exactly like her? Are you and Levi very much alike?

Levi and I? He's grumpy and broody and mopes around a lot where as I'm fun and great and fantastic.

"Not at all." To my surprise, Sage actually looks relieved. But who wouldn't want to be like Mack?

"Thanks," she tells me, looking like she's about to take off at any moment, "Let her know I'm sorry for almost killing her."

"Well the offer still stands," I say too quickly, "I mean, if you want to come hang out with us. I know everything must be weird but that's no reason for you to be alone. You should come by sometime."

Sage looks me up and down and grins, "Yah, maybe I will." And then she bursts off at the speed of light until she disappears into the Vertigo City skyline.

I watch her fly away before returning back to Mack's house. Team Hero, the Olympians, and some of the Supers we stuck with the Serum and rescued are all here. Honestly, I'm surprised the Olympians stuck around. They could have easily left Vertigo as soon as we got outside of the city limits but they all willingly came back to the city. They actually seem happier then I've ever seen them . The fact we found a whole warehouse full of new Supers has gotten them excited. I don't know why though. Who'd want more super humans running around? If everyone is super then no one really is... right? 

Some of the Olympians are sitting on the couch talking with the new Supers. Atlas and Cammie are in the kitchen practically on top of each other. I look away before they start making out. Mike, surprisingly enough is talking with Selene from the Olympians and a few of the rescued Supers. He tells a joke and they all start laughing as if they were all best friends. Weird. I swear Mike's secret super power is that everybody likes him.

Mack is by herself, sitting in a chair closest to the bedroom where Levi is staying. She looks almost emotionless, just glancing at her phone and looking bored. But I know her well enough to know she's probably freaking out inside.

"Couldn't get the girl so you're going after her clone?" Circe asks, sneaking up behind me.

"I was just being nice," I defend. The last thing I need is another thing for Circe to tease me about.

She grins, "Sure you were boy scout. You chasing Mack 2 is going to be a mess. I can't wait."

I tell her again it was nothing before zooming away to Mack's side. "Hey Mack, you doing ok?" From across the room Circe makes a mock kiss face before laughing and scooting next to Mike on the couch. At least she's done giving me a hard time for now.

"The General's cracked down on security forces," she says without looking up from her phone, "The tunnel we used to escape is being guarded and he's added a whole bunch of new lockdown rules. I still don't understand why'd he just let us go though."

"I meant more like you personally," I suggest, "Although glad to know General Suck-son is worse than ever."

"Why wouldn't I be alright?" she snaps, looking up to me with her dark eyes.

Because the guy you like was captured, mind controlled, and is currently unconscious in the other room. "Uh, no reason."

"Sorry," she mutters, lowering her voice, "I'm good, really..." Mack's dad comes by and she quickly calls him over to change the conversation.

"Everyday there are more and more Supers in my house," her dad grumbles. I've got to give him props for even coming to the living room considering half the Supers in here hate him. Even I'm not the biggest fan of the guy but he did help out with the Serum and Mack's seemed to forgive him.

"Don't worry dad, it's temporary. I don't even like half the people here," Mack grins, well aware every Super in the room can hear. Well, like father like daughter I guess...

Her leans in closer, as if to say something important, and only pauses to give me a wary look. "I have something else to show you Mack," he says anyways, "Mr. Flowers and I were working on something else along with the Serum. It will change everything. It..."

He pauses when every single Super in the room snaps there head up at a faint noise coming from the back room. I hear it too and am about to tell Mack but she's smart enough to figure it out for herself.

"Levi's up." 

{a/n: In honor of Finn point of views I decided to recreate the book 1 cover :) Next chapter Levi's coming back! Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!} 

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