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One year later...

Heart's racing. Leg's pumping. Chest on fire.

I'm running as fast as I can but here's a plot twist: for once I'm not running for my life. I keep pushing until I reach the finish line, all the other girls come seconds behind me. I won, of course. Apparently all that running from evil supers worked wonders for my cardio.

With my hands on my knees and sweat dripping down the side of the face I turn to the stands and grin. All my friends have come out to watch me win state. Cammie's wearing curly pigtails tied with our school colors and has a big sign with my face on it. Mike, Circe, and Abbey are beside her and of course Finn and Levi are here too.

After the ceremonies, Finn is the first one to zoom over and swing me around in a hug, "That was awesome Mack!"

Finn sets me back down on my feet just in time for Levi to sweep me off them. "Congrats on state Mack."

You could say senior year has gone pretty well. I've accomplished everything from my checklist: homecoming queen, student body president, hot boyfriend, and now state track champion. I even got accepted early admission into my dream school, Midnight City Tech, as part of their nationally ranked bioengineering program.

From the outside it might seem like everything is perfect, and believe me it's not half bad, but I still carry around the weight from what happened. I lost my dad, my friends, and even apart of myself along the way. It makes me appreciate little moments like this even more.

"Come on let's get go get ice cream," Levi suggests and that sounds perfect.

"Race you there," Finn grins. It's been a year and he still likes rubbing his powers in Levi's face, jokingly of course. The two are practically best friends these days. Levi's even staying in Finn's hideout. Almost everyone has forgiven Levi at this point but Finn was one of the first. I think Finn understood what it's like being controlled and messing up so badly. He's helped a lot with Levi trying to redeem himself.

Finn zooms off at super speed and Circe winks at us, "I'll show you a real race" and then she takes off too. The rest of us are content taking my car and just a few minutes later we're all gathered around eating ice cream sundaes.

If you didn't know any better you might think we were just a bunch of normal kids... but you know better than that. We're the local superheroes.

After the final battle supers starting springing up all over the place, in Vertigo and across the world. The Detective is the head of the country's super division and in charge of protecting the citizens from super mayhem. Since Vertigo is the Super hub of the world it's the first to have it's very own superhero team. (aka: Team Hero) Finn is the leader and I'm the second-in-command/strategist. Mike, Cammie, Levi, Circe and some of the other local Supers have joined to help keep Vertigo safe.

When I look around the table I start to get a little sad when I realize we're not going to be together much longer.

In the fall I'll be moving across the country for school. I'll be starting completely over where I don't know anyone and know one knows me... well unless they happened to hear about a certain sidekick in Vertigo City. Even though I've taken on super bad guys and plenty of people trying to kill me, starting college still scares me a little.

Mike got a basketball scholarship at Iris State University where he'll no doubt be a star. Plus he'd gotten close with the Detective and her team that he might be doing some work with her to start a new program in Iris. Circe's going with him, undercover as a human, which sort of surprised me. Circe had always been bold and unapologetic when it came to being super but I guess she finally wants her chance at a normal life too. She'll be pretending to be just a normal college student but we'll see how long that lasts.

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