What Lies Beneath

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"There's no reason to give me the cold shoulder."

Someone boos and I look to see Circe rolling her eyes at me even though she's currently fighting off some giant monster hybrid.

Well you can't blame a guy for trying.

I hit the block of ice encasing my left arm to break it free and then dodge another round of icy slush hurled my way. Team Hero is currently fighting off more of General Hudson's monsters. They're humans that have someone how been turned monstrous. Right now I'm fighting a girl who can create ice out of thin air. She looks almost normal but she isn't quite right, one arm is still made of monster goo and her eyes are all blacked out. She has ringleted blonde hair and one of General Hudson's uniforms.

It's weird. All Supers have had the usual power set: flight, strength, speed, advanced senses, toughness, etc. But these monsters all have weird, unique powers. Even though they're still unstable it gives them an edge.

"There's practically a snowstorm all around her. We can't get any closer without freezing up," Mack says as she glances around. I can almost see the gears turning in her brain and I know she's thinking of something. In an almost mirror image Sage is beside her with the exact same expression.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Sage asks Mack as the three of us corner the monster.

Mack smirks, "Well duh."

Before even letting me in on the plan, the pair leap into action. Sage grabs a manhole cover and hurls it at the snow girl frisbee style while Mack sneaks around the back. Just as the monster dodges Sage's attack, Mack readies her dart gun and shoots a vial into the girl's shoulder. Instantly, the air temperature rises a few degrees and the snow in the air falls into puddles on the ground.

I'm still standing on the sidelines without moving a muscle. "Good team effort guys. Way to take down the ice queen."

Mack goes and picks up the vial from the semi-conscious girl. It had been the Switch, the new stuff that turns off powers. Mack just told everyone about it and some people were mad Mack kept it a secret for so long. No powers is a game changer but I'm sure Mack had a good reason.

Still, I'm worried about her. Something seems off and I feel like something happened she's not telling me. I asked Mike and he's barely talked to Mack. Cammie made it seem like they were in a fight or something. Even Abbey said Mack only comes home to sleep. Sure I've talked to Mack but usually just about Team Hero stuff.

The Detective's team comes in and helps out the girl and starts cleaning up the scene. Sage comes over and grins, "We make a pretty good team."

"Yah, you were holding out on me. I didn't know you were a badass."

"You should have known," Mack says, "She does have my DNA."

Mack's adjusting all the gear in her backpack. Is she leaving already? I figured she'd want to stick around and talk to her friends.

"You doing ok Mack?" I ask. I know she hates when I worry about her but she's my best friend.

"I'm fine," she snaps back, "Just because I'm not Super doesn't mean I'm always about to break!"

I glance to see Sage talking to Selene and everyone else is just gathered around cheering on the win. When I turn back Mack is already gone.

Well... ok.

"I need to talk to you."

The Detective is standing behind me. She's wearing the same outfit, hairstyle, and sunglasses that she wears every single day.

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