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You blew up my headquarters.

Allow me to return the favor by blowing up your city.

I glance at the text message as Circe and I run through downtown Vertigo. 

"That guy has issues," Circe laughs as she peeks at my phone.

"All the more reason I want to kick his ass." The Detective's team think Hudson is hiding out in one of the skyscrapers downtown so he can watch the madness and then have one of his Supers fly him away before the big bang.

Today's the day where I stop him once and for all.

Circe and I finally get to the building and headquarters confirms Hudson is in there on the top floor. Circe grabs me by the arms and shoots into the sky and then she turns and crashes through the glass.

We both land feet first as the glass rains down around us. I flip my braid over my shoulder and stand with my hands on my hips. Circe is behind me with crossed arms.

"Well, you sure know how to make an entrance," General Hudson tells us. He's sitting at his desk with four super guards all dressed in white surrounding him. There's a big glass window behind him that shows all of the city. I can see the faint outline of a few Supers flying around, "I assume you've come to stop me."

"That's the plan," Circe says, "You could just surrender and make this easier for everyone."

General Hudson narrows his eyes at her. "I don't think so. You all will thank me when today is over. I'm going to convert Vertigo City into my own personal Super army and then we're on to the world."

"Come on, isn't being the big villain a little overdone? Taking over the world is so cliche," I say, stalling as I try to think of a plan. We're outnumbered but I have multiple copies of the Switch in my backpack.

"I'm surprised you think like that. Evelyn wanted Project Genesis to succeed. She was smart enough to see it's potential," he says, "I guess no clone will ever be as good as the original."

All this guy can talk about is Evelyn! He really needs to get over my "mom". 

"She didn't love you. I don't love you. You can make a million clones and not one will ever love you," I spit at him.

"Wait. Evelyn like your mom?" Circe says, looking to me with wide eyes and then to Hudson, "Oh ew!"

I know, right?

"You'll change your mind," Hudson says, "I'm going to save the world."

He really thinks he's doing the right thing. He's creating a Super army And maybe, I can see his point. Everything would be easier if everyone did everything I said.

Hudson is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Just like Pollux. Just like me.

But you can't pretend keep pretending to be the hero. You can't do the wrong things for the right reason.

I ready my dart gun and take fire at the closet guard. Circe quickly disables him and then I turn to Hudson. "So am I."

We spring into action. Circe tackles one guard and throws him through the window while I shoot the another with the Switch and take a swing at their face. Circe grabs the last guard around the neck and I shoot a copy of the Switch. Once he's de-supered Circe pushes him foreword and I knee him in the crotch and throw him to the floor.

In the background I can see an explosion far off in the city and my pulse quickens. Come on Finn...

The guards are all down and I turn to Hudson. He's been playing with me for too long. I've had it with the cryptic text messages and taunting phone calls.

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