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It's been usually calm in Vertigo... well as calm as it can be when a group of wannabe super villains have taken over the town.

Team Villain (still working on the name) have kept up the lockdown and there's been a few reports of them causing mischief around town but nothing big and no other showdowns between them and Team Hero. I have to wonder if they actually have a game plan or if they're just mindlessly causing trouble because they can.

General Hudson has been quiet too. After his warning I half expected to look out the window and the entire city to be up in flames but so far? Nothing. I have to keep and eye out because now that I know he has the Switch technology anything he does from here on out is my fault.

I haven't actually told anyone about the Switch. I was trying to keep it under wraps to protect Mr. Flowers safety. The only other people who know about it's existence are General Hudson and then Levi and Pollux but none of them know about Flowers. He's my secret weapon and I plan to keep it that way.

As for me, I've almost been bored. I've spent most of my time at the Detective's home base trying to do some research or plan or anything that can help us win. I usually only take a break to go back to Abbey's house to sleep and shower. School has been canceled, which would normally make me ecstatic, but I'd at this point I'd almost enjoy the break from constantly worrying about clones.

The Detective's team has been in and out and I've seen her a few times, mostly on the phone with people from the outside. The General hadn't been lying, the whole world is watching Vertigo City to see what happens next. Apparently the General went rogue from the rest of the government so right now the Detective is the only real official involved. No one else has stepped in because of threats by both the General and Team Bad Guys (eh?) to destroy the city if anyone on the outside intervened. 

Cammie has swung by a few times to bring me food and beg me to take a break and go for a coffee run with her but mostly she spends her time with Atlas. Mike hangs out with me every few days but he's spending the rest of his time training with the Detective's team to get better prepared. The Supers have been in and out. Circe was here earlier today to complain how bored she was so I sent her on a patrol (probably not what she had in mind).

I haven't really seen much of Finn. He's stopped by once or twice and gone on his scheduled patrols but other then that he's barely been around. Cammie said she heard he'd been hanging out with Sage aka my clone... not that I care.

"Look kid, I know you're trying to help but do you have to be here all hours of the day?" the Detective says as she walks up to me. She's wearing her typical suit and hair pulled back in a bun. Surprise, surprise. "You're sort of hogging my desk."

"Ah come on Detective don't act too happy to see me," I joke as I swivel my feet onto the table top, "Please, take a seat and we can chat."

Her face doesn't flinch in the slightest. "You're in my seat," she grumbles and I reluctantly oblige by gathering up my papers and moving to one of the spare tables. The Detective is one of the few, consistent allies I have so it's probably best not to piss her off, even if it is really fun.

We're the only ones currently in the hideout and for a moment we sit in semi-awkward silence. I had been working on doing some research but eventually give up and head over to social media. Everybody is posting links about  how awful the Supers are and how stressful everything is and eventually even that gets me angry too and I slam down my laptop in frustration. 

"You have issues," the Detective tells me without looking up from her desk.

"You don't know the half of it."

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