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There's a sense of finality as we all gather in the headquarters for possibly the last time. Everyone can tell that today is the day it all goes down.

Sage and I fly in and almost everyone's already gathered. The Detective is standing front and center with her team all around her. Mack is standing beside Cammie and Mike and gives me a look when she sees me. She still looks like a mess from last night.

"The General has been planting bombs all around the city," Detective White explains. I can see my reflection in her glasses, "But it's not what you think. We have insider information that these bombs contain an altered version of the Switch. If these bombs go off they'll kill almost everyone in the blast radius but a small percentage of normal humans will be given superpowers. He wants to create as many super humans as he can from Vertigo citizens and make an army."

There's a small gasp from everyone. It explains what the General had been working on. All those monsters he sent must have been the prototype versions and now he finally has the power to turn innocent civilians into brainwashed Supers with weird powers, like the fire people or the ice girl. Not to mention the majority of people will just die in the explosion. This is bad. I glance at Mack and she looks noticeably upset. She's the reason the General got the Switch in the first place.

"The General already has moved some of his forces around the city to defend the bombs. We believe they'll go off within the hour," the Detective says, "Levi and his team have also been spotted around the city causing trouble. We need to act now."

"We should split up," I say and everyone in the room turns to look at me. I'm not normally the one calling the shots but I know what we need to do, "One team can work on disabling the bombs, someone can find Hudson, and the rest on protecting citizens and stopping Team Villain."

"Let's do it," Mack adds after and gives me a grin. So, that's what we do.

The Detective and her team and the other rescued Supers were going to work on protecting the citizens. Sage, Abbey, and some other Supers would work on disabling the bombs on one side of town and then me, Atlas, Sage, Mike, and Cammie will stop the bombs on this side. Mack and Circe were going after Hudson. Mack made sure to pass out plenty of copies of the Switch and Serum and then everyone begin splitting up.

For a moment, I'm just frozen as I take it all in.

"Ugh if I have to fight another one of those blob monsters I quit. That stuff is like so hard to get out of your hair," Selene tells Abbey as the two walk off with their team. Cammie is with Mike as the pair stock up on copies of the Switch in their backpacks. Cammie tells him, "hell of prom night" and I realize I'd almost forgotten what it'd been like to be Finn Smith. Maybe after tonight I can go back to how it used to be. 

Circe pats me hard on the back. "Good luck boy scout. Don't blow it. Get it? Blow cause like bombs. You're not the only one who can pun." She winks and then runs off to gear up.

Sage comes by and links her arm in mine and Mack comes by a second later.

"Good luck," she tells Sage, "If something happens to me, take care of everyone, ok? I mean, you're not as good as me but you're the next best thing, so I guess you'll do."

I know Mack's trying to make a joke but there's a wavering in her voice. I think deep down she means it and part of me doesn't even want to think about her not coming back. Sage agrees and then Mack turns to me.

For a second, my memory flickers to when I first saw Mack on the rooftop and she agreed to help me. So much has happened since then.

"Go get em' Hero," she tells me as she extends out her hand.

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