Better Together

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"Oh gosh. It's so cold!" Sage says, turning to me with wide eyes.

"Yah it's ice cream, that's kind of the point," I grin.  It was hard trying to find ice cream during this lockdown but I searched everywhere after Sage said she'd never had any, which makes sense considering she only woke up from a test tube a few weeks ago. It's weird how when I first got on mind control Mack had been the one to show me around and now I know enough to show Sage.

We're both at my hideout, alone this time, lounging out on the couch. Sage is wearing one of the big hoodies Mack had gotten for me. Suddenly, my phone rings and when I see Mack's name on the caller ID I get a sinking feeling. There's always something going wrong in Vertigo. 

"Levi and his friends are making a mess," Mack tells me.

"And let me guess, it's our job to clean it up?" I sigh. Mack quickly tells me the coordinates and I tell her I'll be right there.

"Sorry, I have to go," I tell Sage as I set aside my half eaten bowl of ice cream. Sage doesn't really want anything to do with Hudson or Levi or any of this mess. 

"Be safe," she tells me, "Go get em' Hero."

It's only a matter of minutes before I've changed and flown across town. I spot the trouble from my sky high vantage point and swoop in. Mack and the rest of Team Hero are all waiting from a safe distance.

"Nice of you to join us Boy Scout," Circe says to me as I fly down next to her.

 "Do we have a plan?" I ask. 

The Detective speaks up, "The plan is to put an end to this. I have my team working crowd control. You guys split up and take them down."

I scan around at our current roster: me, Circe, Selene, Atlas, a few of the rescued Supers, Mike, and Mack. She's wearing her hair up in a braid and her all black sidekick outfit.

Mack walks my way but when she passes Atlas gives her a weird look. What's that about?

"Try not to die," Mack tells me, "You got this Hero."

"You too sidekick," I joke before flying off. Levi's crew is hanging out by the highway and I immediately spot some random Super holding a car filled with passengers over his head. When the Super spots me he hurls the vehicle through the air right at me.

Oh crap.

I have to move at super speed to reposition myself so that I can catch the car over my head instead of letting it smash against me. The people inside are still screaming even when I have a safe hold on the car.

"Don't worry citizens, I have-."

I'm cut short when another fully loaded car comes flying my way and I'm out of hands. I scream, the people I'm holding scream, the people flying at me scream.

Luckily, Selene comes in and catches the car before anything catastrophic happens. "Look, I'm not half bad at playing the hero."

"You're good," I nod, "But how about using two hands?" We set them down on a road a safe distance away and return to the fight. A bunch of enemy Supers are causing havoc on the highway. Cars are still driving through and not realizing what's going on until it's too late. I'm sure the Detective has her team on it to stop traffic but we still need to act in the mean time.

The rest of our team has already taken action. Atlas is taking on Pollux, Circe is handling Orion, and the rest of the Supers are in a free for all as cars rush by. We may be Super but getting hit by a speeding car still hurts. 

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