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It's always kind of weird when you're flipping through channels and suddenly see yourself on TV destroying downtown.

Well, not me exactly but my clone. Close enough.

My phone buzzes and I pick up on the first ring, already knowing who it is.

"Finn, we have trouble."

I'm moving at super speed to change into my all black super suit. "I know. Already on it Mack."

In a matter of seconds I've changed into my Hero costume. I know the whole secret identity thing is out in the open now but it just feels right.

Mack asks for a lift and luckily I'm at my hideout which is close to her. I'm not really sure what she's doing in this part of town though. I spot her standing in the middle of the road and when she spots me she sticks one hand in the air. Without stopping, I rush by, grab her her hand, and swing her up into my arms.

"Thank you for flying air Finn. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times," I smirk. Mack gives me a really? look but if I'm going to be her own personal taxi service then I get to crack jokes.

"Levi warned me he would try something. He came to my apartment last night," Mack explains, "I just never thought he'd go through with it."

I guess I never thought Levi had it in him either. I know we were never best buds, especially when we were both competing for Mack, but Levi wasn't all bad. Him and I fought together way more than we fought each other. But now he wants to be some sort of super villain? I'm not buying it.

"Being under the General's control messed him up some how," Mack tells me, "This... this isn't him. He's just confused. He's not some villain."

I stare out over the Vertigo skyline where I can see Levi's figure hovering and people screaming below. Well... he kind of looks like one.

Mack has me touchdown on a nearby rooftop and not a second later Circe and Atlas fly down next to us.

"This better be good because I can't just fly up every time you need some super muscle," Circe pouts as she crosses her arms. She's wearing worn jean shorts and a striped tank with her hair a giant mass of curls. Next to her, Atlas is wearing just jeans and a Vertigo High shirt he must have gotten from Cammie. Well now I feel stupid wearing my Hero costume.

"Oh please, you have nothing better to do," Mack rolls her eyes before realizing she's in no position to piss off the little help she has, "Plus I know you like punching people."

Circe smirks. "True. Although never thought we'd be decking it out with your bf. What the hell is problem?"

"Levi is messed up in the head," I say and Mack gives me a dirty look. What? It's true.

"Whatever his motives, we can't let him get away with this," Atlas says. It reminds me that he used to be the leader of the Olympians. Mack has sort of been calling the shots but only because it was her boyfriend in trouble. Now it's her boyfriend causing the trouble.

"I counted ten Supers including Levi, Pollux, Orion, Iris, and Midas," Atlas says, "They must have been recruiting some of the Supers we stabbed with the Serum during the rescue. We're outnumbered."

"When are we not outnumbered?" I sigh. Seriously, just once I wish it could be Mack and Finn and friends defeated the enemies and there were no complications whatsoever. Why can't it just be easy?

"This won't be easy," says Mack, "I think Levi is trying to prove a point that he's in charge now. The Detective told me they have more Supers re-enforcing the lockdown. They're just causing trouble because they can. It has to be Pollux influencing Levi."

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