Can't Go Back

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I thought you were better than that.

Sage's word still ring in my ears as I float over Vertigo City trying to find her. She had looked at me the same way Mack had when I betrayed her forever ago. At least then I thought I was doing the right thing, but now... I'm not really sure what the right thing is. 

I didn't want to blow up the place. Too much been there done that, especially since it didn't really fly last time I tried it. But this time it had been Mack's idea and that changed everything.

"I know you're looking for me Finn but I don't want to talk," Sage's voice rings behind me. I quickly swivel to see her floating. How'd she sneak up on me like that? I guess I'm used to being the only one with powers hanging around.

"Come on Sage, just let me explain." After a moment of hesitation where I'm worried she's going to fly away and never come back, Sage agrees and we fly over to a nearby rooftop and sit on the edge. Our feet dangle over and in the back of my mind I think of how Mack used to be afraid of heights. Sage obviously doesn't have that problem but I guess it helps when you're practically indestructible. 

"I know you're upset..." I try to start. Maybe if I can just explain why we did it then Sage won't be so mad.

"Of course I'm upset!" she huffs, "I understand you guys are in trouble and are willing to do whatever it takes to win but you sunk down to the villains level and you shouldn't have to. There's always another way Finn."

Or maybe she does understand and still thinks I'm a major jerk.

"I know," I tell her and I mean it.  Ever since I came back to Vertigo all I've done is try to make things right, "How about I tell you the truth, about everything?"

Sage's hair whips past her face in the wind as she nods at me. She really is beautiful, just like Mack, and at the same time... there's something different about her. Something about the way she smiles? Or maybe it's her eyes?

I tell Sage the truth about everything. How I woke up with no memory to blowing up Genesis Labs to fighting the Olympians to trying to take the General. When I'm done talking her eyes are locked on mine. I know she's thinking about the fact I actually blew up two secret headquarters. Part of me is afraid she's going to hate me just like Mack did.

"I get why you did, all of it. You had a logical reason it's just... you're better than that Finn," she says, smiling softly at me, "I know we barely know each other but I still feel like I know you. Ever since I first met you it's like we have this weird connection."

Or maybe she won't hate me. Huh. I feel the connection too. Is it a clone thing? It has to be or else why would I like two identical girls and Mack like two identical guys. Although, the more I hang around Sage the more I realize how un-indentical they really are. Either way, I'm keeping her away from Levi just in case those two magically hit it off too. 

"I know you care about Mack a lot but it sort of seems like you'll just do whatever she says," Sage continues. Ouch that kind of hurt. Mack told me the reason Levi betrayed her was because he was worried Mack was controlling his emotions. I never thought about it like that. 

"It's not like that," I say harsher than I have to, "Mack and I are partners from the beginning till the end. I just trust her, that's all."

Sage nods, "I know, I'm not saying you shouldn't. From what you've told me it sounds like Mack is a good person even if she hasn't acted like it lately. I just think you should think twice about following her orders every now and then. Mack has her own agendas and they might not have everyone's best interest in mind. What about what you want Finn? Who do you want to be?"

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