Unstoppable Force, Unmovable Object

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Looking around, I realize I've had a lot of enemies.

Abbey Tanaka. The Detective. Circe. Selene. Atlas. And that's just the people in this room.

After all this is over I really need to consider being nicer...

"Oh Mack, I bet you must be so embarrassed that your own boyfriend tried to attack you!" Selene zooms over at super speed, her red hair swooshing around her in a rat's nest of curls. 

... But not just yet.

"Not as embarrassed as you should be with that hair cut," I say crossing my arms, "What are you even doing here Selene?"

Not that I'm really in a position to turn down help it's just that Selene and I haven't had the best history. 

"I'm not here for you," Selene says, "I think what Pollux and Levi are doing is wrong and they need to be stopped."

Huh. So she does have a conscious. I wonder if has anything to do with the fact she'd been hanging out with Mike last time I saw her...

"Ok. Well, uh, that's good," I start as I realize maybe I misjudged her intentions, "I know I come off harsh but it's only because you've like tried to kill me multiple times."

Selene raises an eyebrow. "Uh, no I didn't."

Oh yeah it wasn't actually her, it was just the previous clone of her. I hate this whole clone thing. Everything is so much simpler when there is only one of everyone. 

"I guess technically not. It was the clone before you," I explain.

"Really? What happened?"

You chased me through the sewers. I stabbed you with the Cure. Pollux snapped your neck. It wasn't pretty... 

"You died."

Selene's face falls, "... Oh."

She leaves and takes a seat as everyone else quickly files into a circle of chairs. I do a quick headcount: there's the Detective and her team, Finn, Circe, Atlas, Selene, Cammie, Abbey, Mike, plus ten Super clones we rescued from the General's clutches.

Team Hero.

According to the Detective's informants, on the other side we have Levi, Pollux, Orion, Iris, Midas, and about twenty five rescued Supers.

Team Villains?

And on the other, other side there's the General and who knows what he's scheming up.

"Levi has proven almost worse than General Hudson," the Detective explains as we all gather around. I take a seat between Finn and Cammie. "His forces are still holding the city on lockdown and the Supers are causing destruction just for the hell of it. They need to be stopped."

A chill runs down my spine at her tone. I know, I know Levi has made a lot of enemies but I don't like the way she's talking about him. The Detective will do anything to save this city and that's always been the one thing I liked about her, but now anything might mean hurting Levi or worse.

"The General on the other hand has been quiet but don't think he's out of the fight yet. I have my team gathering intel and they think he's working on something big," the Detective continues.

Great. This is a three way battle and we're the forever underdogs.

The Detective keeps talking about dividing up our forces and scheduling teams to do patrols to try to minimize some of Levi's damage on the city and keep an eye out for the General. Atlas makes a few comments here and there and people keep glancing my way like they expect me to say something but I stay quiet.

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