Bait and Switch

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I never liked playing the super villain. 

"Are you sure these aren't too tight?" I ask Cammie again as I tie the ropes around her wrists. She's currently being "held hostage" on top of the tallest building in Vertigo. We figure if it looks like she's in danger it might be enough to lure Atlas out of hiding. Circe and I already cleared out the entire building of people so no one can interfere. 

"For the hundredth time she's fine!" Circe groans as she floats beside me, looking bored, "Stop being such a boy scout."

"Really, I'm good Finn. Thank you," Cammie adds, smiling reassuringly, "Although I feel pretty silly. Very damsel-in-distress. Who would ever actually find themselves in a situation like this?"

"This is how Levi and Mack met," I admit, "He kidnapped her to lure out the Hero, we fought all over the city, Mack punched him at some point. Good times."

Cammie snorts, "Oh that's, uh, cute I guess."

She laughs but her heartbeat is going a million miles a minute. "You seem nervous. Afraid of heights?"

Cammie shakes her head, "No, just nervous about seeing Atlas again. We had sort of an awkward breakup. You know the ol' he kidnapped my best friend argument every couple goes through. And then I threw pizza at him and now he won't talk to me and..."

Cammie keeps talking so quickly you think she's the one with super speed.

There's a buzz over my earpiece communicator. "Time to get in position," Mack says.

"Rodger that," I turn to Cammie, "We're going to head out now but don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you."

"Yah take you're time. I'll just be here." Cammie jokes, motioning at the ropes tying her down, "I'm definitely getting some Lois Lane vibes. Let's hope Superman shows."

Circe and I slowly begin hovering away from the tower, careful to keep an eye and ear out for any signs of Atlas. From up in the sky I can see over Vertigo City for miles. It looks like nothing but endless blocks of gray cityscape and even grayer skies but if I concentrate I can focus enough to read street signs on the opposite side of town.

Mack, Mike, and Abbey are watching from a few rooftops over. If I look carefully I can see Mack looking our way anxiously through a pair of binoculars. Her brown hair is braided carefully down her back and she's bundled up in a giant coat and scarf. When she takes down the binoculars I can see dark circles under her eyes. Has Mack not been sleeping? It's not like I can ask. Whenever I try to see how she's doing she blows it off. Mack doesn't like anyone thinking something's wrong, she'd rather just ignore it. I swear she's the one who thinks she's invincible.

"Do you always do whatever she says?" Circe says, pulling me away from my staring. She's hovering a few feet away, upside down so that her hair falls in a halo around her head. She's wearing nothing but a tank top and really short shorts.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about you and Mack!" Circe smiles, swiveling back up right so we can look eye to eye, "You're like her super on speed dial. Anything she asks and whoosh you do it."

Is she saying I'm whipped?

"I just want to save the city and Mack's plan is our best shot at that," I frown, "Besides, you're following her orders right now."

"I'm just hanging with you guys because it's the funnest thing in this stupid city. If the lockdown wasn't keeping us in I'd be so out of here," Circe grins. She's messing with me on purpose. "Or maybe it's her weird Prime magic. She's working some clone voodoo on our brains to make us do whatever she says."

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