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"This is a suicide mission."

    The Detective is sitting across from me at her desk. Her hair is pulled back in a bun so tight I'm surprised her forehead isn't sore. She's wearing the same suit she wears every single day (if she gets me out of this alive I'm taking her on a shopping trip) and aviator glasses I can see my reflection in.

    I take my feet off her desk and lean in closer, "I prefer top-secret, elite, infiltration extravaganza."

    The Detective frowns. Guess she's not in a joking mood. Big surprise. "No matter how you phrase it, sending in that small a team will be dangerous."

    Does she take me for an amateur?

    "I know the risks," I tell her, my voice now serious, "And so does my team."

    The Detective seems to think it over. As much as I hate to beg, I need her help. She's good at what she does and right now she's one of the few allies I have.

    "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to save this city," Detective White tells me, "And your plan will definitely set Hudson back. I just can't justify sending you in unless I'm sure you know what you're signing up for. I'll ask you one more time. Are you sure you're up for this? Have you considered the moral factors?"

    She means, am I ok with blowing up an entire headquarters full of employees and brainwashed Supers. The same thing I had gotten so mad at Finn for. Some part of my conscious is yelling at me to reconsider but then I think of my father, dead on the floor, and I know what needs to be done. Hudson can't have his own personal army. He can't keep this city on lockdown any longer. Besides, if I don't do something, Pollux will. I saw how he looked at that cloning room. He wants that army for himself and I cannot let that happen under any circumstances. 

    "I'm in," I nod as I swallow any hesitations. This plan is all or nothing. No second thoughts and no looking back. "Can you help me or not?"

    The Detective just stares at me, which is slightly unnerving considering I can't see her eyes. On the plus side, I look great today and the Detective's glasses are like my own personal mirror.

    She finally agrees and I tell her my game plan. After a few tweaks the Detective tells me she can help. She'll be supplying all the explosives and the personal. I'll be the one pulling the trigger.

    Only a few hours later my team is assembled in the Detective's warehouse. It's made up of Finn, Circe, and Atlas. They're the only Supers I truly trust. Atlas was a little hesitant about the blowing everything up plan but I eventually convinced him it was our only option. Finn had some doubts too but he knew how much this meant to me and didn't argue. Circe was cool with it from the beginning.

    It's a small team but we're just going in and out. No fighting, no sneaking, no talking, just boom. It doesn't matter how many people we bring, Hudson will always outnumber us. If we get caught we're dead anyways.

    "Are you sure you don't want me to come? I took a bunch of ladies self defense classes at the rec center last summer so I think I can hang," Cammie asks as she settles into a computer. Her, Abbey, and Mike are helping out again with the Detective during the mission.

    "Tempting but we need to keep it small. Next time I'll make sure to unleash the wrath of Cammie Weaver on Hudson," I joke, trying to act normal even though I have butterflies in my stomach. It's like that feeling before a track meet, right before the gun goes off and every muscle is revved and ready to go. Only I've felt like this all day.

    Atlas comes over and slings an arm around Cammie, "Maybe you can throw pizza at him."

    "You totally deserved it," Cammie pecks him on the cheek before turning to me, "Please, please be careful Mack."

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