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The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. It's a good a day as any for a jailbreak.

"Knock, knock," I announce as I push through Mack's window and into her bedroom.

She's standing by the mirror, wearing her all black sidekick costume. I'm wearing my Hero costume too even though the secret identity thing isn't really a thing at all anymore. "I give up on hoping you Supers will ever learn how to use the front door."

I secretly analyze her breathing and heartbeat. Mack would kill me if she knew I was scanning her vital signs but she seems nervous. 

"I'm ready to go save Levi... again," She says anyways, "I'm getting real sick and tired of rescuing you two."

"Last I checked I was the one who broke you out in Iris City," I grin back.

"Then we're even," she nods, "Levi on the other hand totally owes me... I mean if you ignore the fact its my fault he's captured in the first place."

Wait, what?

I zoom over so that I'm right next to her but she won't meet my eyes. "Is that what you really think?"

She shrugs, "The Olympians came for me. Levi was trying to save me. If... if had never tried to defend me he'd be ok right now."

"It was his choice and you know he'd do it again," I tell her. She can't honestly blame herself, can she? Levi knew the risk just like the rest of us. 

She finally look up and her eyes meet mine from behind the mask. "I know. Let's do this."

Mack gives her dad a big hug goodbye. He tells her to stay safe and reminds her of the Serum, the liquid that takes a Super off mind control. Even I have to admit he's partially redeemed himself with that one.

I offer Mack a hand which she takes without hesitation as we fly over Vertigo City. We meet by some old warehouse in the bad part of town where the rest of Team Hero and the Olympians are waiting.

Any of that doubt and worry Mack had five minutes ago is completely gone. She stands tall as she faces the Olympians, looking stone cold. Even without super powers Mack can be scary. "You all know the plan?"

They nod and Mack grins, motioning towards me, "Then let's get this rescue party started."

That's my cue. I go towards the nearest manhole cover and lift it off, "Ladies first."

This is all apart of the plan. General Hudson's lockdown has enough military firepower that it can keep even us Supers in the city but Detective White was able to figure out an unguarded section of sewers tunnels that will allow us to escape without being seen.

Mack goes down the ladder first, with Mike right behind her, while the rest of us just jump down.

It's a long tunnel that's with concrete walls and a stream of water running down the middle. (Us Supers fly over, Mack and Mike aren't so lucky) It's dark and wet and smells so bad I really wish I didn't have super senses.

"First time in a sewer?" Mike asks me when he notices me covering my nose.

I nod. "First time on a rescue mission?"

"Unless you count video games, which you shouldn't, then yah," Mike says. Funnily enough he seems completely calm.

Since the the city is on lockdown we have to make due with any volunteers we can get. Even though Mike is just a regular human he's in good enough shape to at least be some help. The Detective and her team had to stay behind because they knew it'd draw too much suspicion from Hudson if they came. Cammie and Abbey are back there too. Cammie is helping run the communicators and watching for signs of trouble while Abbey is going on every social media sight and posting fake stories about the Olympians to make it seem like they're still in Vertigo.

Circe swings her arm around his shoulder, "Don't worry, I'll protect you."

Some of the Olympians snicker but Mike is a good sport. "My hero," he grins, "Maybe I should have been tied up to that tower instead of Cammie."

"Dude, you know I would have saved you in a second," Atlas jokes as he leads the way.

As we get closer to the city limits the joking stops and we're all silent. Mack takes her rightful spot in the front of the pack. "Everyone should have been given the coordinates the Detective found. It'll only take about minute with super speed but the goal is too not get noticed."

I swing an arm under her should so that I can carry her and I see Circe do the same for Mike. The rest of the Olympians all get ready to run.

"On my count," Mack says, "One... two... three... Go!"

We all make a break for it, rushing out from the tunnels and into the sunlight. I know the city is far behind us and out here there's nothing but sand and desert. I can hear the faint hum of some sort of helicopter flying close by (the General's forces?) but we're quick enough to outrun it. I'd expected the Olympians to bail now that they're out of the city but surprisingly they all stay with us. 

Finally, we reach the coordinates and come across a compound surrounded by guards wearing white uniforms and helmets. Supers.

We pause for a moment behind a pile of rocks and I set Mack down on her feet.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get em'" Pollux grins, motioning towards the guards.

"You think those are the only reinforcements?" Mack says, glancing towards the building. We'd probably be able to take the current amount of guards but any more and we quickly be outnumbered. "We need to sneak in. It's our only chance."

But the Olympians don't agree. They're not just going to follow Mack on principle.

Luckily, Atlas speaks up. "She's right, only question is how do we do it?"

The Olympians look to one another but Circe, Mike, and I all turn to Mack. Strategizing is what she does best.

She grins at us before reaching up to her communicator, "Detective, can you get me the building plans?"

About a minute later Mack has a plan.

"I've done my research," Mack explains to the group, "There should be a helicopter refuel sometime in the next five minutes. It'll take away enough attention that we could get in through the back entrance."

It's a lot of assumptions and if was anyone else but Mack I'd be worried.

She's right, of course.

The helicopter comes just as planned and we're able to sneak in through the back entrance unseen. Mack leads the way from a map on her phone as we sneak through the halls of Project Genesis' home base.

We finally come upon a big warehouse filled with rows upon rows of tubes.

"Oh my gosh," Mack whispers beside me, her eyes wide. I make the connection a second later: they're clones. Every single one of the tubes is a Super clone. There has to be over a hundred of them. He's building an army.

The Olympians start rushing through the warehouse and Mack quickly sprints after them, "Wait! Don't touch anything!"

I follow too. This place has to be the size of an airplane hanger with stark white walls and floors. The tubes are placed in perfect rows, each one about seven feet tall and filled with a greenish liquid. When I look closely I can see the dark outlines of bodies floating within.

The Olympians keep running around while Mack chases after them "Stop! Everyone stop!" Mack tries to no avail, "Remember the plan. We need to..."

She trails off and just stares at one of the cloning tubes in front of her.

Circe flies next to her and mutters a "Woah."

Mack has a glazed look in her eyes as she mouths the words "break the glass."

Circe does as she's told and soon the body collapses onto the floor. All the Olympians stop what they're doing and watch. I zoom over to see Mack huddling over the body.

"What is it?" I ask, "Who is it?"

But one look at the clone and I already have my answer:

 It's Mack.

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