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This is so not good.

"It's me," I say dumbly. The girl from the tube is my exact copy in every way. But how is this possible? Had Genesis Labs kept my- er I mean Evelyn's DNA?

"But is she like you?" Finn asks, meaning, is she human?

The clone's eyes shoot open and the next thing I know she's on top of me with her hands around my throat, gripping tighter and tighter by the second with super strength.

"Super!" I manage to choke out. Luckily, Circe yanks the clone off of me and pulls her into a headlock. I manage to catch my breath before reaching into my backpack and sticking a copy of the Serum into her neck. Her eyes dilate a bit and even though she still looks angry the murderous expression tones down a bit.

"Who are you people?" she asks, standing up as Circe lets her go. She's wearing a skimpy body suit that's practically see through. She's pretty much showing everything... Which is the same as me showing everything. I cover Finn's eyes for good measure.

I need to handle this carefully. She's a dangerous Super but if she has my DNA that means she thinks like me too... right? 

"We're the good guys," I tell her. Long ago, before all this mess happened that answer might have been enough to calm me down, "And we're going to rescue you."

She crosses her arms and gives me an annoyingly sassy look. "What makes you think I need saving?"

"Trust me sweetheart, you do," I tell her. Ok, I have a clone. Future me can have a nice nervous breakdown over the fact Hudson has a hold of my DNA and there's now a doppleganger running around. But right now I need to focus on finding Levi. 

She looks around between Finn and I then the Olympians who have all stopped to watch. "Fine. I'll come with you," she gets a smug look, "But try anything funny and I won't hesitate to snap your neck."

We glare at each other until I hear Circe snort beside me.

"I'm sorry," Circe laughs, "She's just got you down to a tee."

"We do not sound the same!" I argue with my hands on my hips. Only, when I look over my clone is unknowingly standing in the same pose. Ugh. 

Atlas gives clone me his shirt so she can cover up (Circe lets out a low whistle at his shirtlessness) and I finally lower my hand from Finn's eyes.

"Sweet, Mack #2," Finn grins.

My clones glares at him, "Don't call me that." 

"We can call you Sage, it's my middle name," I tell her and she shrugs, "So now we need to get back to the original mission."

Speaking of which...

The alarms start blaring and almost immediately the room starts pouring in with Super guards dressed in white. Uh oh, we're definitely outnumbered. 

Everyone looks to each other nervously trying to think of a game plan. Like usual, I'm just the girl for the job. I glance at Sage and suddenly feel inspired. "Use the Serum," I order, "If you stick the guards they won't be mind controlled anymore, less people to fight." Luckily, I had handed out a few copies to everyone on the rescue mission.  

There's still some hesitation from the Olympians but Atlas nods.

"Go!" he tells me, "The Olympians and I will take care of things here. You find Levi."

I nod thankfully at him as I start running towards the exit with Finn following by my side. Circe and Mike stay behind to help the Olympians and watch Sage. I lead the way using my map as we once again navigate through the hallways.

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