Life Lines

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I need a bigger hideout.

At first it had just been Sage hanging out here. We're actually been seeing a lot of each other lately, just hanging out and watching movies or grabbing food. Of course I had to occasionally leave to go on patrol and stuff. Mack gave me a hard time for missing the monsters but I just hadn't gotten her call in time. If I had to choose of course I would have picked helping Mack in a second.

"We should go here after," Sage grins as she pulled up pictures on my laptop. I glance at the screen to see a picture of a beach and palm trees. Sage has spent the last hour planning a trip around the world. I guess living in tube your entire life inspires some wanderlust, "And then I want to see Europe and the north pole and what about space? Do you think we could survive in space if we just, like held our breath?"

Of course Sage could leave now if she really wanted. She's quick enough to get around the lockdown's patrol but I have a feeling she's staying here just for me.

"How about you try first and if you don't die I'll come up on the second trip," I joke. It's actually been a pretty relaxing afternoon just Sage and I. Part of me wishes things would just stay this way.

It's then that the door swings open and in walks Circe.

"There's this thing called knocking," I tell her as she sits and plops down on the couch.

She shrugs. "I didn't know you would be here."

"I live here!"

Circe just grins and puts her feet up on the end table.

"Sure, sure just make yourself at home," I grumble. Circe explains that she's here because she's bored and if she hangs out at the headquarters she gets sent on patrol duty and that apparently that makes it ok for her to barge in unannounced.

We start bickering back and forth but eventually Sage cuts in. "Circe I need you test something for me," she asks as she meets my eyes and smiles, "How do you feel about outer space?"

Eventually Circe and I end up playing video games on the TV. Only, about an hour and later there's a knock on the door.

"See? That's how you do it," I say to Circe as I go to answer. To my surprise it's Atlas, wearing a Vertigo High shirt and jeans, "Uh, hey man. What's up?"

"Cammie is over at Mack's today so I thought I'd see what you guys were up to, is that cool?" he asks. I nod and Atlas walks in and sits next to Circe and grabs a controller.

I pause by the door to take in the scene. Four Supers in a room together and we're not all fighting each other or planning a rescue mission or being mind controlled. We're just hanging out? Huh, weird.

I remember when I first came to Vertigo and Mack had introduced me to all her friends. I'd only been off mind control for a short time but I all Supers have some artificial memories inserted so we knew the basics of the how the world works and were mentally the same age as we looked physically. So I'd known all about high school and being normal and at first it didn't seem that great. I mean, I'm a Super. By definition it's better.

But I ended up really liking pretending to be Finn Smith. I still wouldn't trade being Super in a second but sometimes it's nice to have a little normal too. Like right now.

"Woo! And Circe is the champion," Circe cheers as she throws her hands up into the air, completely forgetting about the game controller and it goes flying across my hideout. I have to use super speed to rush over and catch it before it smashes into the wall.

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