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I wasn't exactly expecting a parade upon my return but a little excitement would have been nice.

Finn had been cracking jokes the entire way home.

That mission was the bomb.

We sure made an explosive exit.

We really blew the roof off that place.

But even he shut when we got back to headquarters and everyone was quiet. I guess the gravity of what we just did finally sunk in.

"It's done," I nod to the Detective as the four of us walk inside.

She nods back. "The lockdown is over. The city is celebrating. No sign of Hudson. Good work."

If I was in a better mood maybe I would have cracked a joke too. Wow Detective, good work? You're getting soft on me. Instead I just keep walking and sit down in one of the chairs.

Cammie immediately runs to Atlas and jumps in his arms as he swings her around to kiss her. Circe zooms to Mike and starts talking to him about who knows what. Finn just stands in the middle of the room like he's unsure what to do.

That's when there's a banging on the door.

"Let me in! I know you're in there!"

The voice sounds like me. So, Sage?

"I've re-enforced this place so that it's practically super proof," the Detective says, "If you don't want her in, she doesn't come in."

"No, she's a friend," Finn says, rushing over to open the door himself. As soon as he does Sage rushes in and pulls him in for a hug.

"Oh gosh you're ok!" she says, "I heard this huge explosion and then the lockdown ended and then I spotted you all flying here and I didn't know what was going on and I hate not knowing what's going on."

Finn pulls away and smiles that goofy grin at her. I feel a twinge of jealousy deep down but quickly shake it off. This clone thing is just too weird. "I'm fine. We're kind of the ones that caused the explosion." 

Sage raises an eyebrow and Finn quickly fills her in on my plan to take down Hudson. Sage's face falls more and more the longer he talks until she's practically fuming. 

"How could you?" she yells at me with clenched fists. Suddenly she's right in front of my face but I don't flinch, "There were innocent people in there. They were brainwashed and you just killed them all!"

"Sage calm down. It's not like that," Finn tries. But he seems to be the only one convinced. As I look around the room I can see the hesitation on everyone's face. No one will meet my eyes and I can feel them all silently judging me. It was my plan. My finger on the trigger. I'm the one to blame. 

Sage turns to Finn, looking furious, "I'm not an idiot. Mackenzie knew what she was doing when she pressed that switch. She's a monster."

Am I monster? Does it matter? 

"Look Sage, I'm not apologizing for anything. I did what I had to do," I say, my voice steady, "I'm not stopping until everyone I love is safe. So either get on board or get the hell out." 

Sage is quiet. She may look like me and act like me but she's not me. She hasn't been through the same things I have. I've been broken time and time again and each time I've gotten stronger. Her eyes lock on mine and part worries she's about to pounce. Instead, she whispers something to Finn before running out the door in the blink of an eye. 

Finn looks like he wants to follow but glances at me instead. 

"You should go," I tell him, "I meant what I said but we don't need Sage as an enemy. She'll listen to you." 

After another moment of hesitation Finn nods and bursts out the door. I decide to leave too. If the Detective wants to plan more than fine but I can't take any more today. Instead, I head back to my house.

It's my first time being back after my dad was killed but for some reason I feel like the ghost walking through the halls. When I finally get to my room I collapse onto my bed and I can't hold it in any longer. I start sobbing and tears run down my cheeks.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Sage was right. Sage is me before all this mess happened when I was still happy and innocent and believed in superheroes.

And she thinks I'm a monster.

How much longer can I keep pretending? It seems like so long ago I put on a mask and tried to help Finn fight crime. But it's obvious now. I'm no sidekick. I'm no hero. I'm just as villainous as anyone else.

I probably would have spiraled deeper and deeper if I hadn't felt someone watching me from the window. I knew he was there, probably with my stupid Prime senses. Without even looking up I roll off the bed, grab my backpack, and ready a copy of the Switch.

He pushes on the window and it shatters into a million pieces and he slowly floats inside.

"I'm not here to fight, not tonight at least," Levi tells me. Part of me still wants to rush and hug him but I don't. I don't let go of the Switch either, "I heard what you did."

"Do you want me to apologize too? Well I won't, especially not to you," I say quietly. Maybe if he had been here he could have talked me out of it. But he left and he no longer gets to judge me.

Levi floats closer and I take a step back. "Pollux and the other Olympians see this as an act of war. They had planned to rescue the Supers from General Hudson. They wanted to make Supers a dominant race and you ruined the chances of that ever happening."

So I had been right about Pollux's intentions. Good. There's no way I'd ever let Pollux get an army. He already has Levi and that's too much.

"Why are you telling me this?" I ask. Is it possible Levi came to his senses? That he finally got over me being the Prime and realizes he really does care about me. 

"No. I came to give you a warning," Levi says, his voice grave, "You just ignited a fire that you can't put out." 

I roll my eyes, "Oh so you're just Pollux's messenger. Well thank you then, message received." 

Levi smirks and I feel a chill run down my spine. "No," he says, "Don't you get it? I'm not the one taking orders. I'm in charge." 

I don't want to believe it. General Hudson's words ring in the back of my head. Everything Levi does from here on out is him and him alone. He's not being controlled, I know that, but I'm not convinced. The real Levi is in there deep down, I know it. 

"We don't have to be enemies," I tell him as I try to keep from tearing up again. My fingers clench around the copy of the Switch ready to strike if I have to. 

He floats closer, his face darkened by shadows until he's just a silhouette against the moonlight. This time I stand my ground so that we're almost nose to nose. 

His eyes burn into mine. "Don't you get it? I can't trust myself with you. Anything I feel towards you is a lie. The only way I know I'm not getting controlled is to hate you."

He starts to leave but I reach out and grab his arm. "Don't be an idiot. I know you don't hate me. I don't care what you do I still love you Levi and I know deep down you love me. You can play pretend all you want but I'm not giving up on you." 

Levi shakes my hand away. 

"I'm not playing. Just remember you started this war," he tells me as he floats away. His words seem to echo long after he's gone. "And after tonight I'm going to finish it." 

{a/n: Surprise! General Hudson isn't the only big bad of book 3, Levi is. Get ready for Team Mack vs. Team Levi in an all out battle for Vertigo City... and maybe Hudson will come back too. 

Thanks for reading!} 

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