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(that greeting always makes me laugh. For those of you who know or watch the simpsons, it's usually Dr.Nick who says it... it's hilarious cause he's a horrible and weird doctor :S still funny though)

Anyways, I'm back from the cottage. It was fun. We played a lot of poker though and, if I may say so myself, Vegas should watch itself ;) lol. Completely joking. I kept losing. Ah well. It was for scrabble pieces anyways.

So, when I went away I decided to write another chapter and it's (I think) around 7 pages long. I just thought you all should know because Wattpad will lie and say I only wrote 5. LIESSSS! It was 7. Haha.

Okay, so a little about last week's chapter: no one really knows who it was in the closet... do they? No one can say, and prove, that it was him. Yes, it is suspicious but no one knows the truth... Yet. This chapter should maybe help a little.

Just so that you guys know, there are only really twp boys who could have been there: Chris and Greg. So who is it?

Here's the chappie. You know what to do (and please do what you know)

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P.S. long author's note. I know and I'm sorry. But I'm stopping now! Thanks for reading it though. Makes me happy that you care what I have to say.


Chapter 27 – Out of the Closet and Into the Open

Amy bolted upright as another vibration savagely attacked her waistband. Someone was trying to call her and she knew exactly who that person was. But would she pick up? There was no way.

It was Greg.

He hadn’t talked to her in months, let alone glanced at her at school. There was no way that she was going to let him off the hook so easily when it was so obvious that he’d been avoiding her. If now, after deserting her and leaving her to face the traumas of high school all by herself, drama and all, there was no way Amy dared letting Greg have her forgiveness.

The vibrations ended and she smiled, relief plastered all over her face because even though she put up a strong exterior, there wasn’t much that would keep her from running into his arms as soon as the words “I’m sorry” left his slender mouth. He was her best friend after all.

Another text came in and Amy jumped off her seat just in time to catch her phone in mid-air before falling onto the hard, wooden floor.

With an exaggerated sigh, Amy flipped open her phone and scanned over the text uneasily. It said he wanted to talk, to apologize, to explain why he hadn’t talked to her in so long.

That was all she’d ever really wanted from him. But she forced her thumbs to do her bidding as they raced from the “N” key to the “:O”, followed by send.

Pleased with herself, Amy smiled and scooted off the couch to go get a cookie from the kitchen. It was already 7:03 o’clock and she hadn’t even thought about making dinner. Ever since the first text in a long line had arrived, the monster butterflies had reappeared and stolen all of her hunger.

There was a knock at her door and she spun around quickly, almost too paranoid. It was easy to say “no” over text, although not so simple in person. She doubted her new-found confidence when it came to Greg. They’d been best friends since she was a little girl and he mattered so much to her. A single apology would be all it would take to make her crack.

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