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So, i hope you guys like this chapter although i have a feeling that most of you will either hate me or start a mob to come and find me... please don't do either. Just trust me because i am a strong believer in happy endings. One more thing to add to this paragraph, i would love to know what you think about this chapter and if i was right in thinking that you guys will loathe me or if i was wrong.

Also, i know this chapter isn't that great but i've kind of been having a hard time writing. maybe it was just this chapter or maybe not but i think i've come down with a severe case of - dare i say it - writer's block. i will continue writing anyways though because i refuse to give up on this story.

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Chapter 21 - Who Would You Rather Go on a Date With?

Amy pulled Julie over to the side, several questions swimming through her mind. What had Julie been thinking? Why was Chris here? Was she getting punked and if so, where the hell was Ashton Kutcher? And if she wasn’t, and this was a date - a real one – did that mean that Chris liked her or just that he pitied her?

“Julie,” Amy started, her lips trembling as she held tightly to her friends’ shoulders and looked between their dates, “Are you kidding me?”

She smiled and met eyes with David who was scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Kidding you about what?” she asked innocently.

Amy blushed again. The heat hadn’t left her face ever since she’d seen Chris exit the car and walk over to her.

“About Chris being here!” she shouted, quickly slamming her hand over her mouth like the action would stop the people standing around them from hearing. Loosening up on her lips, Amy tried again, although this time in a loud whisper, “You know we have a bet and that I like him! Now I’m going to have to kiss him and lose!” Amy pouted.

But what was even more important than having to spread that awfully true rumour about her crush on Chris, Amy didn’t want him to leave. She didn’t want to wake up without him, to make her tiny dinners for one or to have to watch movies all be herself. Chris had become too big a part of her life for him to walk out on her now.

Julie shrugged; “You don’t have to kiss him if you don’t want to...” she trailed in a light, teasing voice as she winking at Amy. But one look at her face and Julie’s tone became serious.

Stepping forward onto some discarded popcorn, Julie grabbed both of Amy’s hands and held them in her own. “Ames, Amy, look at me,” she demanded.

Amy complied but bit her lip, leaving little red teeth marks behind. Her hair was a pushed back mess from all the times she’d combed her hand through the blonde locks; her eyes were becoming red and her stomach was churning with crazed psychopathic butterflies.

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